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Deadly Sea Star Plague Stumps Scientists (Video)

info-pictogram1 Seattle Aquarium tries experimental treatment in hope of staving off a deadly sea star plague. KING’s Gary Chittim reports.

Subhana’llah: Pygmy Seahorse (IMAGES)


info-pictogram1 This seahorse is known as the common pygmy seahorse, or Bargibant’s seahorse, after the scuba diver who discovered the species in 1969 while collecting specimens for the Noumea Aquarium in New Caledonia. This tiny, expert camouflage artist thrives among gorgonian corals (a soft coral also known as a sea fan or sea whip) in the genus Muricella, which they hang on to using their prehensile tail. The color and shape of this seahorse nearly perfectly matches the corals on which it lives. Check out a video of these tiny seahorses to experience their incredible ability to blend in with their surroundings. Pygmy seahorses live on corals off Australia, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Japan, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines.