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How ISIS harms Religion



By: Omar Shahid

One of the signs of the end times, according to Islam, is the inversion of reality – in other words, things being upside-down. For Muslims, there is nothing that more obviously illustrates this than Islam being made to appear bad to the world. For the first time in the history of our faith, an extremist fringe has hijacked the religion and is dominating the headlines, causing havoc and creating a global crisis.

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Nicotine Side Effects

If any of the following side effects occur while taking nicotine, check with your doctor immediately:

Less common

  • Fast or irregular heartbeat
  • fever with or without chills
  • headache
  • nausea with or without vomiting
  • runny nose
  • shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, trouble with breathing, or wheezing
  • skin rash, itching, or hives
  • tearing of the eyes

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Gossip is a sin


By: Mufti Ismail Menk

Allah says,”oh you who believe, be conscious of your maker and each one of you should look into what you have prepared for tomorrow“, what have you prepared in your books? What have you prepared in your deeds? What have you prepared in your accounts? To present to your Maker. When you are going to meet Him tomorrow.

What a powerful verse, Allah is telling us look at your book. What we do today? Shaytan makes us look at the books of others. Immediately were worried about that one, this one. You see, that one did this and this person committed that sin, and that one is rotten in the heart. And we start passing judgement. You know the hearts of the people. May Allah subhanahu wa taala safeguard us and protect us from this.
That is shaytan diverting us from this path of steadfastness. Steadfastness can not be achieved when you are engaged in the life of someone else. Cheating, deceiving. Backbiting, slandering, gossiping and so on. Allahu akbar

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Watch the Israeli-Palestinian conflict unfold online

Schermafbeelding 2014-07-26 om 00.11.09

info-pictogram1 Multiple competing hashtags have sprung up beginning with the disappearance of three Israeli teens in early June. Check out this interactive time-lapse heat map tracking the conversation online from June 17 to July 7 here.

Things that appear to be obstacles are often helpful in the long run.

gb copy Things that appear to be obstacles are often helpful in the long run.
es copy Cosas que parecen ser obstáculos suelen ser útiles en el largo plazo.
nl copy Dingen die lijken obstakels zijn vaak nuttig in de lange termijn.
fr copy Choses qui semblent être les obstacles sont souvent utiles à long terme.
de copy Dinge, die Hindernisse sein scheinen, sind auf lange Sicht oft hilfreich.
CN67867 Zhè sìhū shì zǔ’ài de dōngxi wǎngwǎng yǒu zhù yú cóng chángyuǎn lái kàn.
Sweden Saker som verkar vara hinder är ofta till hjälp i det långa loppet.
rus7897 Veshchi , kotoryye kazhutsya prepyatstviya chasto byvayut polezny v dolgosrochnoy perspektive.
4523turkey Engeller gibi görünen şeyler uzun vadede genellikle faydalıdır.
images Cose che sembrano essere ostacoli sono spesso utili nel lungo periodo.
indonesiaID Hal-hal yang tampaknya kendala yang sering membantu dalam jangka panjang.

Amazing Fact about The sun and moon (IMAGE)


The Physics of the Day of Judgement

By: Dr. Mohammad Humayoun Khan

This Article is based on the concept that the expansion of the universe (space) is the cause of the “phenomenon of time.” If this is true then the universe will “appear” to be paradoxically expanding faster as we try to measure the distant expansion of the past with our slowing time. This anomaly was independently discovered by two groups of astronomers in 1998. Unaware that our time could be slowing, the physicists are now trying to explain this surprising finding by some undiscovered property of space or repulsive force that may make the universe expand faster.

 Chapter: 50, Verse: 47

When we are dead and have become dust and bones.

Shall then we indeed be raised again?

Chapter: 75, Verses: 3 & 4

Man thinks that, We shall not assemble his bones.

Yes Truly! We are able to restore his very fingers! 

Chapter: 22, Verse: 7

The Hour will come there is no doubt.

And God will raise those who are in the graves.


The Afterlife

 Is Resurrection a Physical Process?

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 The Higher Dimensions

 The Black Holes: “The Blocked Gateways” to the Higher Dimensions

 Angels Descend through the Gates in the Sky

 When will the Day of Judgment Arrive

 Waiting in the Grave for Day of Judgment to Arrive?



The belief in life after death is universal; it is reflected in the teachings of all the major religions of the world, permeating culture and time. Despite tremendous scientific and technological advancement of the twentieth century, we have no answers to many questions that have plagued the minds of people from time immemorial. What happens to us on dying? What is soul? Does it leave the body to enter the spiritual world, which is beyond human perception in some other dimension? Are the souls reincarnated entering some other body to be recycled again as in the beliefs of some eastern religions? Is the soul captured and kept somewhere until the Day of Judgment to be reunited with the body that rises from the grave? How can a body that had decayed and disappeared into dust, regain its original shape and form? We can believe what we wish; however the modern world is based on truthful pursuit of science and technology. Truth cannot be decided on wishful thinking or majority vote, if that was the case then Columbus would have surely fallen of the earth in 1492.”

We live in a world that demands proof and is not just content with belief. The belief or even the proof however, is only for the believer, and belief comes from within our hearts. The greatest of proofs will not satisfy the non-believer, while the slightest evidence can be a great source of satisfaction for the believer. In this context let us look at the story of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be on him) given in the Quran. (Chapter ii verse 260.)  Prophet Ibrahim wanted to know how God gives life to the dead. He had the faith of a man who was willing to sacrifice his own son for the sake of God, yet he wanted reassurance; which then was given to him in the form of a great miracle. Ordinary people like us are also in need of reassurance in a world where science and technology have assumed greater importance than religion. 

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