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Hamza Yusuf: The Man’s Weakness For the Woman (Video)

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Documentary: Innovate Africa – Transforming food (Video)

info-pictogram1 Real-life Farmville and a pregnancy app for cows – mobile technology is changing the way farmers do business in Africa.
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Are You Buycotting Israel? (VIDEO)

info-pictogram1 A new app called Buycott lets hundreds of thousands of users boycott products deemed to support Israel, something that is gaining popularity in light of the attack on Gaza.

Bomb Gaza: the ‘disgusting’ games on Google’s app store


By: Matthew Sparkes


Google is facing angry criticism for allowing “absolutely disgusting” violent games based on the bombing of Gaza to be hosted on its Play app store.

Smartphone games such as Gaza Assault: Code Red are available openly on the store, where the player takes control of an Israeli drone equipped with “powerful weapons” over Gaza. A description of the Android game says: “Terrorist cells are launching rockets into your country, do you have what it takes to protect your citizens?” The software allows users to play for first five levels for free, but then charges for a full version.

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Free App: Pass The Knowledge (How to Download)


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an-Nasihah Lectures App (Free download)

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info-pictogram1 an-Nasihah (Advice) brings together lectures from a host of well renown Islamic scholars and speakers. Speakers featured include Mufti Ismail Menk, Maulana Ahmed Suleman Khatani, Dr Zakir Naik, Bilal Philips, Ziaullah Khan and Abdullah Hakim Quick to name a few. Stream audio lectures or download them to listen at your own convenience. The list of lectures and lecturers will be updated regularly, and notifications will be sent to keep you updated. Inshallah, may you benefit from the lectures on this app.

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Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.

gb copy Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.
es copy El desánimo y el fracaso son dos de las piedras el caminar seguro hacia el éxito.
nl copy Ontmoediging en falen zijn twee van de zekerste stapstenen naar succes.
fr copy Découragement et l’échec sont deux des plus sûrs des tremplins vers le succès.
de copy Entmutigung und Misserfolg sind zwei der sicherste Trittsteine ​​zum Erfolg.
CN67867 Cuòzhé hé shībài shì liǎng gè zuì kěkào de diànjiǎoshí chénggōng.
Sweden Missmod och misslyckande är två av de säkraste språngbrädor till framgång.
rus7897 Unyniye i neudachi yavlyayutsya dvumya iz samykh vernykh stupen’kami k uspekhu.
4523turkey Cesaretsizlik ve başarısızlık başarının en kesin basamak taşları ikisidir.
images Scoraggiamento e fallimento sono due dei più sicuri trampolini di lancio verso il successo.
indonesiaID Keputusasaan dan kegagalan adalah dua batu loncatan paling pasti untuk sukses.