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Turkey: the rise of Islamic education angers secularists


By: Reuters

Turkey has seen a sharp rise in religious schooling under reforms that President Tayyip Erdogan casts as a defense against moral decay, but which opponents see as an unwanted drive to shape a more Islamic nation.

Almost a million students are enrolled in “imam hatip” schools this year, up from just 65,000 in 2002 when Erdogan’s Islamist-rooted AK Party first came to power, he told the opening of one of the schools in Ankara last month.

The schools teach boys and girls separately, and give around 13 hours a week of Islamic instruction on top of the regular curriculum, including study of Arabic, the Koran and the life of the Prophet Mohammad.

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He who angers you conquers you, whereas he who loves you, enables you to do anything.

gb copy He who angers you conquers you, whereas he who loves you, enables you to do anything.
es copy El que te enoja te conquista, Considerando que el que te ama, kunt u hacer cualquier cosa.
nl copy Hij die u irriteert overwint u, terwijl hij die van je houdt, stelt u in staat om iets te doen.
fr copy Celui qui vous irrite, vous conquiert, considérant que celui qui vous aime, Kunt u font rien.
de copy Er, der Sie ärgert Sie erobert, Während er, der dich liebt, kunt u nichts zu tun.
CN67867 Tā shuí jīnù nǐ zhēngfú nǐ, ér tā shuí ài nǐ, gǔn ü zuò rènhé shìqíng.
Sweden Den som retar dig erövrar dig, och av följande skäl han som älskar dig, kunt u göra någonting.
rus7897 Tot, kto vozmushchayet vas pobezhdayet vas , prinimaya vo vnimaniye, tot, kto lyubit vas, Kunt u delat’ nichego.
4523turkey O kunt u bir şey yapmak, seni seven Oysa sizi öfkelendirir O, sizi fetheder.
images Colui che ti fa arrabbiare ti conquista, considerando che chi ti ama, Kunt u fare nulla.
indonesiaID Dia yang membuat Anda marah Pendatukan Anda, Sedangkan orang yang mengasihi kamu, Kunt u melakukan apa-apa.