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Be Just Like Ali (RA) – The Story of Ali & The Jewish Man


info-pictogram1 Sheikh Shady Suleiman narrates to us an amazing story between the great companion Ali (RA) and a Jewish man.

Amazing Story of a young German boy who accepted ISLAM

My name is Yahya Schroder

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I am a “European” Muslim.

I became Muslim when I was 17.

I am living now in Potsdam, Germany and I want to share my experience with you as a Muslim in a non-Muslim state.

As a convert to Islam, I think it’s much easier to follow the deen (religion) than a born Muslim who is been raised up here.

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DOCUMENTARY: JOURNEY TO MECCA – Story of a traveller Ibn Batutta (VIDEO)

info-pictogram1 Journey to Mecca is an dramatic and documentary feature that tells the amazing story of Ibn Battuta, the greatest explorer of the Old World, following his first pilgrimage between 1325 and 1326 from Tangier to Mecca.
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