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The Deen Show: How Muslims trust in God with Islam and achieve peace and happiness (Video)

info-pictogram1 Who do you depend on and trust most in life? What happens when the Material things and people that you put all of your trust into let you down? Are you the type of person who says ” I trust in the Almighty Dollar?” or do you know people like this? How can you build trust in God as a Muslim in Islam and have peace and happiness in life. We’ll be talking about what it truly means to trust in God and some of the misconceptions about it in this weeks exciting show, enjoy!
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The blessed days of Dhul Hijjah


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

As we pass through the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah, Muslims need to hold on to the life giving practices of Islam. Our Prayers, Fasting, Sadaqah (charity) and Hajj are blessings directly from Almighty Allah to each one of us! We have to believe that no matter what evil is done to us, no matter what insult is hurled at us, no matter what slander is made against the name of Islam, Allah has power over all things and has made for each manifestation in creation, a limit! We must believe that our children and our faith will survive, Insha Allah!!! They will find a way out (Makhraj) of the darkness into light!!!”

As the world focuses on the confusion of the Middle East, Islam still spreads in the West!

By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

Native American and Canadian people are interested in Islam.” Leave the concrete cities, Oh Muslims, and do Dawah (outreach) in the Teepees (Aboriginal tents) and the Igloos and houses of the North!”
“Here is a shot taken today from Ojibwe country, Curve Lake Ontario. May Almighty Allah enable the Aboriginal people of the Americas, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific region, South East Asia, and the Arctic region to come into Islam in crowds. Surely Allah has power over all things!!!”

Stone the Devil in ourselves before the Jamrah in Mina

By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

“In this year’s Hajj Season, Muslims need to stone evil and oppression in the Muslim world with as much emotion as we stone the devil in Mina. Let’s stone greed, tribalism, killing innocent people, leaving the true Sunnah, abusing women, being harsh to people of other faiths, supporting wicked, greedy leaders, living in a fantasy world (1400 years ago), and above all forgetting Almighty Allah in all that we do.”
“let’s end the madness among ourselves and show that Islam is a mercy and a cure for the ills of our times and for all people.”

For Almighty Allah, the East and the West are the Same!


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

“For Almighty Allah, the Past, Present and Future are the Same!” We, human beings, have been given Prophets and Messengers and clear guidance. There is no need for the killing, hatred, racism, exploitation, Ebola, or any other evil.We need to wake up as a human race before it is too late. Imagine what the animals think about us (if they could) when they see us destroying the very earth that was given to us as a blessing!!! This is an Islamic Center; not in Cairo, Fez, Kano, Lahore, Jakarta or Dakar but in Washington D.C.!!! SubhaanAllah, the light of Allah will eventually shine over all things!!!

The Future belongs to the Muslims

Beautiful high Quality Islamic Wallpapers  (16)

By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

Despite the rise of Islamophobia and attacks on Muslims and Islamic houses of worship all over the world, Almighty Allah has a plan!!! “After pain, there is ease.” “After Patience, there is Victory with the Help of Allah!” 

“In a sermon that reportedly took place in a church in Moscow on Sunday Sept 7, 2014, Russia’s Orthodox archpriest Dmitri Smirnov said the future belongs to the Muslims after comparing them to Christians.

Recalling an experience shared with him by an elderly woman in his congregation, he mentioned that Muslim drivers never took money when taking her to church, whereas Christian drivers were only interested in making money.” SubhaanAllah, Never give up hope!!!”

The first Masjid built in Spain from the ground up in 500 years


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

” A reflective Jumu’ah prayer in the first Masjid built in Spain from the ground up in 500 years! This is clear proof that ethnic cleansing cannot work against Muslims!!! We only pray that our leaders and so-called rulers can wake up, unite and establish justice! Surely Almighty Allah is Witness to all affairs!!!”
Where do you think this is?

Abdullah Hakim Quick wishes you a joyous, blessed Eid-ul-Fitr


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

On behalf of my grandchildren and the children of the world, I take this moment to wish all those who get this message a joyous, blessed Eid-ul-Fitr!!!” May Almighty Allah grant comfort to the suffering throughout this planet and bring peace, justice and security back to our lands.

SUHAIB WEBB: Spirituality & Society (Video)

info-pictogram1 In the Qur’an, Allah Almighty swears that whoever purifies his soul is successful and those who corrupt it are losers (Ash-Shams 91:9-10). These verses are often misunderstood. Spirituality, in fact, is not about spending isolated times with God in order to experience  transcendence. This is, indeed, a lowermaqam (level) in the life of a committed believer. No doubt these moments with Allah are important. Allah Almighty told His Prophet:

{Stand (to prayer) by night, but not all night,-

Half of it,- or a little less,} (Al-Muzzamil 73:2 -3)

But true spirituality is to be able to move from those moments of solitude with Allah to begin to find spiritual  peace and tranquility within the creation and when dealing with others. Allah Almighty says about the prophets that they used to walk in the markets; that they used to deal with people.

Often we fail to understand this; we think that spirituality is to work on the heart only. Sheikh Osama Sayed Al-Azhari, My Sheikh in Hadith, said something beautiful about Surat Ash-Shams. He said that the word Nafs [translated as soul] in its origin means the entire life of a person. It is not restricted to the internal, spiritual development. [The plural form of the word nafs] is mentioned in the verse {And do not kill yourselves (anfusakum)…} (Al-Baqarah 4:29) That does not mean killing the internal reality of people but the entire body; the entire existence.

So Sheik Osama said that [the purification of the] soul here (Ash-Shams 91:9) is made up of the following:

1. The internal purification of the heart.

2. Having good akhlaq, that is, good external character with Allah and with His creation. When the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was asked about what takes people to Jannah, he said, “Being mindful of Allah (taqwa) and having good character” (At-Tirmidhi and ranked Hasan by Al-Albani)

Allah brings both aspects together when he says:

{Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves.} (Al-Baqarah 2:222)
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