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Steps to Love and Romance in Islam



By: Shaikh Abdul Rahman Murphy

  1. There are 4 types of maturity: Financial, Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional. For most people they are lacking 2 of the 4.
  2. Emotional maturity is very important. How will you deal with situation if you lose job, wife can’t get pregnant, how you handle in-laws, etc. Ask yourself “Am I emotionally mature to live with someone who has different likes/dislikes?”
  3. You don’t have the right to judge without having communicated.
  4. Married life is about Mawada and Rahma (Mercy).
  5. If there is physical or verbal abuse, see a counselor.
  6. In a Muslim home there needs to be an attitude of gratitude. Think what your spouse and kids are doing, not what they are not doing. Kids thank parents. Parents thank kids.
  7. Romance between spouses is religious. The Prophet (SAW) said in a Hadith when asked who he loved most, it was Aisha (RA). When asked from men, then, “her father” reference still being her. He (SAW) had a nickname for her “Aish.” Find out what your spouse’s likes and dislikes are. Flowers and chocolates may work, but may not.
  8. Compromise is the mortar of marriage. It holds the bricks together and makes it strong. Prophet (SAW) gave in to his wives on small wishes, but never sacrificed on principles.
  9. Number one cause of divorce in the US is money. This is why Financial maturity is important.
  10. Part of the rizk (sustenance) you have been given is your health. That is physical, mental, and spiritual. You can’t neglect any of them.
  11. When you get angry, follow the Hadith, “The strong one is who controls himself in anger.” This requires self-control and discipline.  Make wudu as water cools the fire that rages from anger.
  12.  Put Allah back in the equation. When we look at a relationship we only think of 2 people.  Don’t treat people the way they are meant to be treated. Ask yourself how are my prayers? Those who pray together, stay together.
  13. Make dua like you mean it.

Other things a husband can do to do to keep the spark of love alive from Sh. Faraz Ibn Adam:

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How to Attain Humility…and Why

Close-up of human hands holding an apple


By: Ibtihal Al-Khalifin

How do we claim to hate Iblees yet continue to follow his ways? ‘ and pride were the reasons why shaytan was expelled from paradise. Do not let it be the reason for you not gaining an entrance.’

is a much-needed characteristic for all Muslims. Being modest is one of the most crucial traits of a person. We need to acknowledge our own defects and willingly submit to the commandments of Allah swt . The messenger of Allah, Mohammed SAW , was known for his incredible humility and grace. He used to be humble with his companions, at home and with everyone he met.

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Shaykh Hamza Yusuf: Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Marriage To Aisha Explained (Video)

Former candidate for Miss Belgium converts to Islam


Lindsey Van Gele, a candidate for the Miss Belgium contest 2012, has reportedly converted to Islam after marrying Mamoutou N’Diaye, a midfielder for Zulte Waregem, a Belgian football team.

Van Gele now calls herself “Aisha,” has given up alcohol and pork, and no longer wears short skirts. She refuses to show her body uncovered in events such as the Gala Golden Shoe.

This week, Lindsey was a guest on the show “Komen Eten Vier” with other women and girlfriends of Belgian footballers.

“I became a Muslim when Mamoutou asked for my hand. A civil marriage was not enough for me. Moreover, I wanted to support my conversion,” she said in Het Laatste Nieuws.

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Omar Suleiman: The Prophet’s Dua for You! (Video)

info-pictogram1 Did you know that Prophet Muhmmad (peace be upon him) used to make a dua for each and every single one of us after every salah he performed?

عن عائشة أنها قالت: لما رأيت من النبي – صلى الله عليه وسلم – طيب نفس قلت: يا رسول الله، ادع الله لي، فقال: ((اللهم اغفر لعائشة ما تقدَّم من ذنبها وما تأخر، ما أسرَّتْ وما أعلنتْ))، فضحكت عائشة حتى سقط رأسها في حجرها من الضحك، فقال لها رسول الله – صلى الله عليه وسلم -: ((أيسرُّك دعائي؟)) فقالت: وما لي لا يسرُّني دعاؤك؟ فقال – صلى الله عليه وسلم -: ((والله إنها لدعائي لأمَّتي في كل صلاة

Quran Weekly – Omar Suleiman: Aisha’s Necklace (Video)

info-pictogram1 What the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa salam) did when Aisha (ra) lost her necklace. Watch even if youve heard the story already.
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