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With Every Ramadan, There Is A Mark On My Soul: Reflections of A Muslim Lady


By: Zainab bint Younus


Giggling, tripping over my friends in excitement, darting from room to room of the house that served as a masjid to our small island community in Victoria, Canada.

Welcoming the adults who entered with whooping exclamations of “Ramadan Mubarak!” and lovingly serving them with cool glasses of water between every four rak’aat,eager for the barakah of these blessed nights. Shoulder to shoulder and foot to foot with my closest friends, supporting each other in prayer as we did in everything else, our supplications earnest and naïve about our futures.

{The month of Ramadhan in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion.} (Qur’an 2:185)

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Patience through illness is an atonement that can lead to Paradise. Spare a moment to pray for the ill and aged.

gb copy Patience through illness is an atonement that can lead to Paradise. Spare a moment to pray for the ill and aged.
es copy Paciencia través de la enfermedad es una expiación que puede llevar al paraíso. Piezas de un momento para orar por los enfermos y los ancianos.
nl copy Geduld door ziekte is een verzoening die kan leiden tot het paradijs. Spaar een moment om te bidden voor de zieken en bejaarden.
fr copy Patience pour cause de maladie est une expiation qui peut conduire au Paradis. Épargner un moment pour prier pour les malades et les personnes âgées.
de copy Patience durch Krankheit ist eine Sühne, die ins Paradies führen kann. Ersatz einen Moment, um für Kranke zu beten und im Alter.
CN67867 Tōngguò nàixīn de jíbìng shì kěyǐ dǎozhì tiāntáng de shúzuì. Huā yīdiǎn shíjiān lái qíqiú bìng hé lǎonián.
Sweden Tålamod genom sjukdom är en försoning som kan leda till paradiset. Ägna en stund åt att be för sjuka och äldre.
rus7897 Terpeniye po bolezni yavlyayetsya iskupleniye , chto mozhet privesti k Rayu. Zapasnyye moment, chtoby molit’sya za bol’nykh i prestarelykh.
4523turkey Hastalık nedeniyle Sabır Paradise yol açabilecek bir kefaret olduğunu.Hasta ve yaşlı için dua etmek bir an yedek.
images Pazienza per malattia è una espiazione che può portare a Paradiso. Pezzi di un momento per pregare per i malati e anziani.
indonesiaID Kesabaran karena sakit adalah penebusan yang dapat menyebabkan Paradise. Spare sejenak untuk berdoa bagi orang sakit dan lanjut usia.