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Documentary: African Americans going back to their roots…ISLAM (Video)

“I’m Afraid To Have A Son”


By: Basheer Jones

“I’m afraid to have a son.”

As I stood at the place where 18-year-old Michael Brown took his last breath, shot six times by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, despite being unarmed, these were the words said by a young African-American woman.

“I’m afraid to birth a son who could possibly be a victim of police brutality.”

As she spoke, tears streamed down her face. All I could do was hug her. I couldn’t comfort her by saying that she doesn’t have to worry, because history doesn’t show that. According to a study conducted by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, an organization that promotes self-determination in our community, police officers, security guards or self-appointed vigilantes killed at least 313 African Americans in 2012.

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Michael Brown, Gaza, and Muslim Americans


By: Dean Obeidallah


It’s never been exactly cozy between American Muslims and African Americans. But with Ferguson—and Gaza—that’s changing.
The Muslim-American community of which I’m part hasn’t been great in standing up with and for African Americans. A lack of empathy and racism are the main culprits. What makes this especially astonishing is that 30 percent of the Muslim-American population is African American. You would think that there would be natural alliances, but that hasn’t been the case. At least not up until now. Read the rest of this entry

Muslims and Justice in America


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

Muslims have always been part of American societies. Many of the 75 million people who lived in the Americas before Columbus believed in One God. Muslim explorers and merchants reached the Americas long before Columbus (See my book “Deeper Roots” at www.; over between 15-30% of the African slaves brought to the Americas were Muslims! Today there are Millions of Muslims in the Americas working, studying and living like anyone else. So the killing of Micheal Brown in Ferguson, Missouri should be a great concern to Muslims as well as African Americans. Justice is for all, safety and respect are for all!!!” Here is a picture taken not in Cairo or Lahore or Jakarta but on Madison Avenue in New York City. Allahu Akbar!!!