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Documentary: Son of the desert (Video)

Italian marathon runner Max Calderan goes on a spectacular Ramadan journey across the desert of the Sinai Peninsula.


info-pictogram1 Al Jazeera World  presents ‘Son of the desert’, an inspirational story following Italian marathon runner and desert explorer Max Calderan and his ability to survive alone in the desert without food or medical help for unusually long periods of time. His dream is to cross some of the world’s most dangerous and unexplored deserts on foot.

In 2013, Calderan realised that dream and decided to make it a spiritual journey by crossing the desert of the Sinai Peninsula. He started on the first day of Ramadan and followed in the footsteps of Moses who led the Jewish people out of Egypt towards the Promised Land according to religious text.

Calderan left Suez for the Gulf of Aqaba where he converted to Islam. He then fasted from sunrise to sunset, stopping five times a day to observe the times of Islamic prayer. Temperatures reached 45 degrees as he started his run from Oyun Musa to Nuweba, accomplishing 240km in around 72 hours.

The lesson of his spiritual journey was ‘Al Saber’, patience, or the ‘fruit of the spirit’ in adversity. Calderan came to believe that we all have an inner strength and that with strong belief we can go beyond our normal limits. He decided that if he can cross the desert in extreme summer conditions while fasting, then anyone can achieve their own goals no matter how remote they may be.

You never know your true strength until adversity comes your way.

gb copy You never know your true strength until adversity comes your way.
es copy Nunca se sabe su verdadera fuerza hasta que la adversidad se le presente.
nl copy Je weet nooit je ware kracht totdat tegenspoed op je weg komt.
fr copy Vous ne savez jamais votre véritable force jusqu’à ce que l’adversité vient à votre façon.
de copy Man weiß nie, Ihre wahre Stärke bis Widrigkeiten des Weges kommt.
CN67867 Nǐ yǒngyuǎn bù zhīdào nǐ de zhēnzhèng shílì, zhídào nìjìng lái dào nǐ de fāngshì.
Sweden Du vet aldrig din sanna styrka tills motgångar kommer i din väg.
rus7897 Vy nikogda ne znayete svoyu istinnuyu silu , poka nevzgody ne prikhodit na vash sayt.
4523turkey Sıkıntı yolunuzu geliyor kadar gerçek gücünü asla bilemezsiniz.
images Non si sa mai la vostra vera forza fino a quando le avversità viene il vostro senso.
indonesiaID Anda tidak pernah tahu kekuatan sejati Anda sampai kesulitan datang dengan cara Anda.