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Israel bombed 161 mosques in Gaza



Israel has so far destroyed 161 mosques in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Awqaf Minister Yousef Dois said yesterday.

He said 41 mosques were completely destroyed and 120 were partially destroyed during the war adding that a number of religious institutions have also been attacked.

Dois continued by saying Israel is taking advantage of the fact that the world’s attention is on Gaza and using this to stop Muslim worshippers from gaining access to Al-Aqsa Mosque. He said rabbis are delivering provocative speeches.

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Khalid Yasin Quotes


Islam is like a tsunami – see if you can stop it.” – Khalid Yasin

One squeeze in the grave will make you regret every morning in your life that you didn’t wake up for Fajr. Please be strong enough to give 5 minutes of your sleep time to your Lord who gave you all the uncountable blessings you have. Fajr is for soldiers.” – Khalid Yasin

The character of the Muslim is the most important part of the Muslim and we have to keep this in our minds; the inside of a Muslim is his iman and his knowledge, but the outside it is his character that the world will see.” – Khalid Yasin

When you know about people you can be sensitive to their problems.” – Khalid Yasin

The Muslim must be a leader.” – Khalid Yasin

When Nikahs become expensive, Zina becomes cheap, so keep weddings as simple and affordable as possible.” – Khalid Yasin

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One Sin led to his Repentance


Source: Road Side 2 Islam

A righteous man was once asked to tell the story of the pivotal moment of his life, the moment in which he first began to apply the teachings of Islam, and the following was his answer:

When I was a young man, I would not hesitate to perpetrate any sin that was made available to me. Then, one day, I saw a young woman who was perhaps the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Much tempted by her, I indicated to her that I wanted her to approach me. She seemed nervous, but I thought that she would probably agree to satisfy my sexual desires for money. She approached me with what seemed to be a great deal of trepidation, and when she actually stood before me, she looked extremely terrified.

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Yesterday is passed on, your tomorrow is uncertain, and your today is to be taken advantage of.

gb copy Yesterday is passed on, your tomorrow is uncertain, and your today is to be taken advantage of.
es copy Ayer se transmite, el mañana es incierto, y el día de hoy ha de ser aprovechado.
nl copy Gisteren is doorgegeven, uw morgen is onzeker, en je vandaag de dag moet worden benut.
fr copy Hier est passé sur, votre avenir est incertain, et vous aujourd’hui doit être mis à profit.
de copy Gestern weitergegeben, Ihre Zukunft ist ungewiss, und Ihr heute in Anspruch genommen werden.
CN67867 Zuótiān bèi chuándì, míngtiān nǐ jiùshì bù quèdìng de, nǐ jīntiān shì bèi lìyòng.
Sweden Igår förs vidare, din morgon är osäker, och din dag är att vara utnyttjat.
rus7897 Vchera peredayetsya , vasha zavtra , skazat’ slozhno, i vash segodnya dolzhno byt’ prinyato v svoikh interesakh.
4523turkey Dün yarın belirsiz, geçti, ve bugün avantaj alınacak olmasıdır.
images Ieri si trasmette, il tuo domani è incerto, e il vostro oggi è quella di essere sfruttato.
indonesiaID Kemarin diteruskan, besok Anda tidak pasti, dan hari ini Anda harus mengambil keuntungan dari.

Take advantage of your youth before you become old.

gb copy Take advantage of your youth before you become old.
es copy Tome ventaja de su juventud antes de quedar edad.
nl copy Profiteer van je jeugd voordat je oud geworden.
fr copy Profitez de votre jeunesse avant de devenir vieux.
de copy Nutzen Sie Ihre Jugend, bevor Sie alt werden.
CN67867 Chōngfèn lìyòng nǐ de qīngchūn, ránhòu biàn lǎo.
Sweden Utnyttja din ungdom innan du blir gammal.
rus7897 Vospol’zuytes’ vashey molodezhi , prezhde chem stat’ starym.
4523turkey Eğer eski haline gelmeden önce gençliğin yararlanın.
images Approfittate della vostra giovinezza prima di diventare vecchio.
indonesiaID Manfaatkan masa mudamu sebelum Anda menjadi tua.