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3 Steps to be the Best Child to your Parent!

By: Zohra Sarwari
Bismillahhe Rahmanee Raheem – Often when I give a speech for the Muslim Youth, at the end of it I am asked “How can I change and be the best child to my parent?”
SubhanAllaah, this shows me that if we were to teach our children the importance of parenthood, then they would actually reflect on the subject and possibly change their behaviors for the better.  Glory be to Allaah for all of His favors.  The problem that many of us have is that we do not teach our children how to be the best child.
InshAllaah today I will be teaching just that.  I am writing this article for all of the youth out there who want to know in 3 simple steps how to be the best child inshAllaah.   If you are one of those youth, then I would like to begin by saying mashAllaah I am proud of you first for reading this article.  That tells me a lot about you as a person.  If you have the courage to admit that you could be a better child, and you want to learn more skills that alone says a lot about your character.  However, to fully benefit from this article you need to actually put the information from this article into action- inshAllaah.
Before we get started I want to ask you one question.  Will you commit to me that you will use these 3 steps as often as you can until it eventually becomes habit?  Please say YES.  InshAllaah you said yes, and our journey begins.
Let’s start with Bismillah:
Step 1.  Always say “At your Service Umme or Abi (Mom or Dad)”:
What does this mean.  Well when you’re called upon to do something without a second thought say “At your service Umme or Abi.  That means I am ready to do as you wish.  With those words coming out of your mouth, your actions inshAllaah will be sincere as they take into effect next.   You see sometimes the words coming out of our mouth helps us put our actions to ease as they take effect into the next few minutes.  Believe me just saying this will make you smile and be ready to serve your parents.
 Action Step:  Practice saying “At your service Umme/Abi.  Say this 20 times to yourself, until you feel comfortable saying it inshAllaah.
It should be natural and easy to come out of your mouth.   Everytime you say these words to your parents and actually do what they ask you to do inshAllaah Allaah will bless you more, and you will feel happier.  When our parents are happy with us, Allaah subhana wa Tala is happy with us, when our parents are angry with us Allaah subhana wa Tala is angry with us.

The Prophet (Sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said:“The pleasure of Allaah is from the pleasure of the parents, and the anger of Allah is from the anger of the parents.”

So let’s not make our parents angry and instead earn their pleasure, for when we do good to them, we make our Lord happy.  SubhanAllaah what a beautiful religion Islam is, Allaah subhana wa Tala only wants the best from each of us.   By taking the action step as I proposed you’re on your way to success inshAllaah.

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President Rivlin: Time to admit that Israel is a sick society that needs treatment


Israeli society is sick with violence – says Israeli President Rivlin.

Israel is suffering from an epidemic of violence that must be treated, the country’s President said. After the latest bloody conflict in Gaza, Jews and Arabs seem to have lost the capacity for dialogue, as relations have reached a new low.

“It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is sick – and it is our duty to treat this disease,” Rivlin told the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities at a xenophobia conference on Sunday in Jerusalem.

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If you avoid the great sins Allah will give you Jannah (Paradise)



1.  Associating partners with Allah (Shirk) (1 of 7 fatal Sins)

Surely, Allah does not forgive associating anything with Him, and He forgives whatever is other than that to whomever He wills. ( 4:48 and 116)

Open Great Shirk– Idolatry: worshipping beings other than Allah
Hidden Small Shirk is called Riya – showing off or Ostentation

“Should I not inform you of that which I fear for you even more than the dangers of dajjaal?-Anti-Christ It is the hidden shirk: Riya-showing off : A person stands to pray and he beautifies his prayer because he sees the people looking at him”.

2. Committing murder : (25 68) (2 of 7 fatal Sins)

And they who do not call upon another god with Allah and do not slay the soul, which Allah has forbidden except in the requirements of justice, and (who) do not commit fornication and he who does this shall find a requital of sin (25 68)

3. Practising black magic (2: 102) This even takes one out of the folds of Islam

Three do not enter heaven : the alcoholic, the severer of the bonds of kinship, and the one who believes in magic.

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It is easy to shift blame, so easy, it takes courage to admit you were wrong, yet nothing will change until you do.

gb copy It is easy to shift blame, so easy, it takes courage to admit you were wrong, yet nothing will change until you do.
es copy Es fácil echarle la culpa, tan fácil, se necesita valor para admitir que te equivocaste, pero nada va a cambiar hasta que lo haga.
nl copy Het is gemakkelijk om de schuld verschuiven, zo makkelijk, het vergt moed om toe te geven dat u ongelijk had, maar niets zal veranderen totdat je doet.
fr copy Il est facile de rejeter la faute, si facile, il faut du courage pour admettre que vous aviez tort, mais rien ne changera jusqu’à ce que vous faites.
de copy Es ist leicht, die Schuld zu verschieben, so einfach, dauert es Mut, zuzugeben, Sie waren falsch, aber wird sich nichts ändern, bis Sie tun.
CN67867 Zhè shì hěn róngyì qiānnù, nàme róngyì, tā xūyào yǒngqì chéngrèn nǐ cuòle, què shénme dōu bù huì gǎibiàn, zhídào nǐ zuò.
Sweden Det är lätt att skifta skulden, så lätt, det tar mod att erkänna att du hade fel, men ingenting kommer att förändras förrän du gör.
rus7897 Legko perelozhit’ vinu , tak prosto , eto trebuyet muzhestva , chtoby priznat’, chto vy byli ne pravy , no nichego ne izmenitsya , poka vy delayete.
4523turkey O kadar kolay suçunu kolaydır, bu yanlış olduğunu itiraf etmek cesaret ister, ama bunu yapana kadar hiçbir şey değişmeyecektir.
images E ‘facile da spostare la colpa, così facile, ci vuole coraggio per ammettere di aver sbagliato, ma nulla cambierà fino a che fare.
indonesiaID Sangat mudah untuk menggeser menyalahkan, begitu mudah, dibutuhkan keberanian untuk mengakui kesalahan, namun tidak akan ada perubahan sampai Anda lakukan.

None of us are perfect. We all need to be corrected at times – myself included. Successful are those who admit and accept the correction.

gb copy None of us are perfect. We all need to be corrected at times – myself included. Successful are those who admit and accept the correction.
es copy Ninguno de nosotros es perfecto. Todos tenemos que ser corregido a veces – me incluyo. El éxito son los que admiten y aceptan la corrección.
nl copy Niemand van ons is perfect. We moeten allemaal worden gecorrigeerd op keer – mijzelf inbegrepen. Succesvolle mensen zijn die toegeven en accepteren de correctie.
fr copy Aucun de nous n’est parfait. Nous avons tous besoin d’être corrigée à temps – moi y compris. De succès sont ceux qui admettent et acceptent la correction.
de copy Keiner von uns ist perfekt. Wir alle müssen manchmal korrigiert werden – mich eingeschlossen. Erfolgreich sind diejenigen, die zugeben, und akzeptieren Sie die Korrektur.
CN67867 Wǒmen dōu bùshì wánměi de. Wǒmen dōu xūyào shíjiān lái jìnxíng xiūzhèng – bāokuò wǒ zìjǐ zài nèi. Chénggōng de shì nàxiē shuí chéngrèn hé jiēshòu xiūzhèng.
Sweden Ingen av oss är perfekt. Vi måste alla rättas ibland – inklusive mig själv. Framgångsrik är de som erkänner och accepterar korrigeringen.
rus7897 Nikto iz nas ne sovershenen . My vse dolzhny byt’ ispravleny v razy – ya v tom chisle . Uspeshnoye te, kto priznayut i prinimayet ispravleniye.
4523turkey Hiçbirimiz mükemmel. Ben dahil – Biz her zaman düzeltilmesi gerekir. Başarılı itiraf ve düzeltilmesini kabul edenlerdir.
images Nessuno di noi è perfetto. Abbiamo tutti bisogno di essere corretto, a volte – me compreso. Successo sono quelli che ammettono e accetta la correzione.
indonesiaID Tak satu pun dari kita yang sempurna. Kita semua perlu dikoreksi pada waktu – termasuk saya sendiri. Sukses adalah mereka yang mengakui dan menerima koreksi.

Have the courage to admit your mistakes & wrongdoings, for until you do, you will carry on living in the world of illusion.

gb copy Have the courage to admit your mistakes & wrongdoings, for until you do, you will carry on living in the world of illusion.
es copy Ten la valentía de admitir sus errores y malas acciones, por hasta que lo haga, usted seguir viviendo en el mundo de la ilusión.
nl copy Heb de moed om je fouten en misstappen toegeven, want totdat je dat doet, zal je dragen over het leven in de wereld van de illusie.
fr copy Ayez le courage d’admettre vos erreurs et fautes, pour jusqu’à ce que vous le faites, vous continuer à vivre dans le monde de l’illusion.
de copy Haben Sie den Mut, Ihre Fehler und Fehlverhalten zugeben, denn bis Sie das tun, werden Sie über das Leben in der Welt der Illusion zu tragen.
CN67867 Bùdé bù chéngrèn zìjǐ de cuòwù hé bù dàng xíngwéi de yǒngqì, yīnwèi, zhídào nǐ zuò, nǐ huì jìxù shēnghuó zài huànxiǎng de shìjiè.
Sweden Ha modet att erkänna sina misstag och missgärningar, för tills du gör, kommer du fortsätta att leva i en värld av illusion.
rus7897 Imeyte muzhestvo priznat’ svoi oshibki & pravonarusheniya , dlya , poka vy delayete , vy budete prodolzhat’ zhit’ v mire illyuziy .
4523turkey Bunu yapana kadar, illüzyon dünyasında yaşamaya devam edecek için, hataları ve yanlışları itiraf etmek cesaret var.
images Abbiate il coraggio di ammettere i propri errori e malefatte, per fino a quando non si sarà continuare a vivere nel mondo di illusione.
indonesiaID Milikilah keberanian untuk mengakui kesalahan Anda & kesalahannya, untuk sampai Anda melakukannya, Anda akan terus hidup di dunia ilusi.