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Because Monsanto? The US GMO label fail (Video)

info-pictogram1 If you’re looking to buy natural food in the US, one thing you might want to avoid is actually the label ‘natural’.

Loving Advice vs Judgmental Advice (Video)

info-pictogram1 Amazing Tips on How to Give Advice That Actually Helps.

Love and romance in Islam


The IBA Iqra Society invited Sheikh Kamaluddin Ahmed’s wife ‘Alimah Sobia Ahmed’ on the 22nd of November, 2010 to deliver a lecture on the topic Romance in Islam. The following is an edited version of the notes prepared by Maliha Abidi during the lecture. It also includes some points from a lecture delivered by Alimah Sobia Qasim (a student of the speaker) at a summer program in Karachi called Footsteps.

The word “Muhabbat” comes from the Arabic word “Hubb(a)”, which literally means seed; a seed that every human being has. That is, it is important for us to realize that love (or rather, feeling (verb)) is a function of the heart, just like seeing is the function of the eye.

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Rappers Who Brag About Money Are Actually Broke and Bankrupt (Video)

info-pictogram1 Mark Dice is a media analyst, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives.

Yawning Caused by Anxiety


Yawning Caused by Anxiety

Anxiety causes a lot of unusual reactions in the body, and in some cases it can feel like it changes the way you process air.

It’s not uncommon to find that your anxiety is making you yawn more. Yawning is actually a very common symptom of anxiety, especially if you have anxiety attacks, and it’s not just because anxiety can leave you fatigued.

In this article, we’ll explain why anxiety makes you yawn. You’ll also find out how yawning can actually increase your anxiety.

Yawning = Anxiety?

Yawning may not seem like a traditional anxiety symptom, but if it’s accompanied by other common anxiety symptoms it may be due to an anxiety disorder. Click here to take my free 7 minute evaluation test to see if you have the other symptoms that are related to anxiety yawning.

Why We Yawn

Yawning is a mystery of science, and one that is otherwise completely normal. Yawning is most often due to a lack of sleep, but in many cases yawning may be the result of the way your body responds to anxiety, particularly during an anxiety attack.

If you haven’t already, make sure you take the 7 minute anxiety test. It’s designed specifically to help people understand their anxiety, and whether yawning is likely related to an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Yawning – Your Breathing During Anxiety

Anxiety has causes some unusual physical responses, but yawning is easily one of the strangest. Yet the reason for yawning is actually fairly simple. When you have anxiety, especially anxiety attacks, your body has a tendency to hyperventilate.

When you hyperventilate, your body starts to feel like it’s not getting a full breath. As a response, it tries to yawn, because yawning expands the rib cage and sends a signal to your brain that you did indeed get a full breath. In that sense, yawning is trying to tell your body to relax.

How You Hyperventilate With Anxiety

Hyperventilation is most common during anxiety attacks, but it can actually happen to anyone that suffers from anxiety, and it can happen even when no anxiety is present. The most common ways those with anxiety hyperventilate include:

  • Rapid Breathing – During a panic attack, it’s not uncommon for the nervousness to force your body to breathe more quickly. This dispels too much CO2 without taking in enough oxygen to compensate.
  • Tracked Breathing – Hyperventilation may also occur when you’re thinking about your breathing. This is because the body usually takes very small breaths, because that’s all the oxygen it needs. When you think about your breathing, you have a tendency to think you need larger breaths, thus taking in more oxygen than you need. You’re still breathing slowly, but because you’re mentally controlling your breathing rather than letting your body control it automatically, taking in too much oxygen the result.
  • Poor Habits – Unfortunately, in many people hyperventilation can become a breathing habit. This generally occurs when you have anxiety attacks, and your body starts to learn to breathe incorrectly. This is one of the reasons that those with anxiety often hyperventilate even when they don’t think they have anxiety.

Hyperventilation is, in essence, the act of “over-breathing.” It’s the body letting out too much carbon dioxide while taking it too much oxygen. That can be strange for many people because hyperventilation feels like you haven’t gotten enough oxygen, but in truth it’s the opposite.

Of course, because you feel like you haven’t gotten a deep breath, you likely have a tendency to try to take even deeper breaths. This will just cause you to hyperventilate more, as you continue to take in too much oxygen.

How Yawning Can Actually Hurt Your Anxiety

It’s for this reason that yawning can actually harm your anxiety. Your mind and body have a tendency to try to yawn so that it can feel your ribs expand and help you feel calmer. But this causes two problems:

  • Because you’re hyperventilating, it may be hard to get your ribs to expand, since it’s arguably a forced yawn. Forced yawns don’t always feel completed, and when that occurs it can lead to more anxiety over your health.
  • When you yawn it’s not uncommon to feel a bit better about getting a full breath. But yawning is still taking in a great deal of oxygen, so when you yawn you’re still furthering the hyperventilation. Yawning has a calming effect on your worries about breathing, but it may still cause other hyperventilation symptoms, like chest pain, that may make you feel as though you need to yawn more.

In a way, yawning is simply a way that you and your body tell yourself that your heart and lungs are still working. It’s a way of curing that “shortness of breath” feeling that occurs when you’re anxious. But despite that “benefit,” yawning may also be furthering your anxiety, and potentially even triggering more anxiety attacks.

How to Yawn Less

Anxiety yawns cannot be easily turned off, because yawning is still an involuntary movement. In fact, even when you try to force a yawn, your body has to go along with it otherwise a yawn is nearly impossible – your chest simply will not expand to take in a yawn unless your body is willing.

So the key to yawning less is not to stop the yawning, but rather to fight the hyperventilation. You can do this by taking slower, calmer breaths. At first, those breaths will not necessarily decrease that feeling of being unable to take a deep breath, but over time your Oxygen and CO2 levels will be back in the right balance, and your mind and body won’t have that desire to take a full yawn again.


The Manners of Yawning in Islam

It is better to wear your heart on your chest & be known for who you actually are, than to hide behind a wall of illusion.

gb copy It is better to wear your heart on your chest & be known for who you actually are, than to hide behind a wall of illusion.
es copy Es mejor llevar su corazón en su pecho y ser conocido por quien eres en realidad, de lo que se esconden detrás de una pared de la ilusión.
nl copy Het is beter om je hart te dragen op je borst en bekend worden voor wie je werkelijk bent, dan te verbergen achter een muur van de illusie.
fr copy Il est préférable de porter votre coeur sur votre poitrine et être connu pour qui vous êtes réellement, que de se cacher derrière un mur de l’illusion.
de copy Es ist besser, das Herz auf der Brust zu tragen und für die Sie tatsächlich bekannt sein, als hinter einer Wand der Illusion zu verbergen.
CN67867 Zhè shì gèng hǎo de chuān shàng nǐ de xīnzàng zài nǐ de xiōngbù hé bèi chēng wèi wèi nǐ jiùjìng shì shuí, ér bùshì duǒ zài qiáng cuòjué.
Sweden Det är bättre att bära ditt hjärta på bröstet och vara känd för vem du egentligen är, än att gömma sig bakom en mur av illusion.
rus7897 Luchshe nosit’ vashe serdtse na grudi i budet izvestno , kto vy yest’ na samom dele , chem pryatat’sya za stenu illyuziy.
4523turkey Bu sizin göğüs kalp giymek ve yanılsama bir duvarın arkasına saklanmak yerine, aslında kim için bilinen iyidir.
images E ‘meglio indossare il vostro cuore sul petto e farsi conoscere per quello che realmente sono, piuttosto che nascondersi dietro un muro di illusione.
indonesiaID Lebih baik untuk memakai hati Anda di dada Anda & dikenal untuk siapa Anda sebenarnya, daripada bersembunyi di balik dinding ilusi.

Jesus Christ is actually mentioned 5 times more often in the Qur’an than Muhammad.

gb copy Jesus Christ is actually mentioned 5 times more often in the Qur’an than Muhammad.
es copy Jesucristo es mencionado en realidad 5 veces más a menudo en el Corán que Mahoma.
nl copy Jezus Christus is eigenlijk genoemd 5 keer vaker in de Koran dan Mohammed.
fr copy Jésus-Christ est effectivement mentionné cinq fois plus souvent dans le Coran que Muhammad.
de copy Jesus Christus ist tatsächlich 5-mal häufiger als im Koran Muhammad erwähnt.
CN67867 Yēsū jīdū shì zài bǐ gǔlánjīng mùhǎnmòdé jūrán tí dào gèng jīngcháng de 5 bèi.
Sweden Jesus Kristus är faktiskt nämns 5 gånger oftare i Koranen än Muhammed.
rus7897 Iisus Khristos na samom dele upominayetsya v 5 raz chashche, v Korane , chem Mukhammeda.
4523turkey İsa Mesih, aslında Muhammed daha Kuran’da 5 kat daha sık bahsedilmektedir.
images Gesù Cristo è effettivamente citato 5 volte più spesso nel Corano di Maometto.
indonesiaID Yesus Kristus sebenarnya disebutkan 5 kali lebih sering dalam Al-Qur’an dari Muhammad.

Some will glorify caving into animal urges in the name of freedom not realizing that they’re actually advocating slavery to the baser self.

gb copy Some will glorify caving into animal urges in the name of freedom not realizing that they’re actually advocating slavery to the baser self.
es copy Algunos glorificar ceder a los impulsos animales en nombre de la libertad, no dándose cuenta de que en realidad están defendiendo la esclavitud al yo más vil.
nl copy Sommigen zullen verheerlijken speleologie in dierlijke driften in naam van de vrijheid zich niet realiserend dat ze daadwerkelijk pleiten slavernij aan de onedele zelf.
fr copy Certains glorifier la spéléologie en pulsions animales au nom de la liberté de ne pas se rendre compte qu’ils sont en fait en préconisant l’esclavage à l’auto de plus vil.
de copy Einige werden verherrlichen Höhlenforschung in tierische Triebe im Namen der Freiheit nicht ahnend, dass sie tatsächlich befürworten die Sklaverei auf den niederen Selbst.
CN67867 Yǒuxiē rén huì zànměi fàng chéng zìyóu què méiyǒu yìshí dào tāmen shíjì shang shì zhǔzhāng núlì zhì de bēiliè de zìwǒ míngchēng dòngwù chōngdòng.
Sweden Vissa kommer att förhärliga grottforskning i djur drifter i frihetens namn utan att inse att de faktiskt är språkar slaveri till mer baser själv.
rus7897 Nekotoryye iz nikh budut proslavlyat’ obrusheniya v pobuzhdeniyami zhivotnykh vo imya svobody ne ponimaya, chto oni na samom dele vystupayet rabstvo k nizmennoy sebya.
4523turkey Bazı özgürlük aslında Başer kendini köleliği savunan konum farkında değil adına hayvan çağrısı boyun eğdiğini yüceltmek olacaktır.
images Alcuni si glorificherà speleologia in pulsioni animali in nome della libertà non rendendosi conto che stanno effettivamente sostenendo la schiavitù al sé più vile.
indonesiaID Beberapa akan memuliakan caving menjadi dorongan hewan atas nama kebebasan tidak menyadari bahwa mereka benar-benar mendukung perbudakan ke baser diri.

Over-thinking ruins you. Ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry & makes everything much worse than what it actually is.

gb copy Over-thinking ruins you. Ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry & makes everything much worse than what it actually is.
es copy El exceso de pensamiento que ruinas. Ruinas de la situación, tuerce las cosas, te hace preocuparte y hace que todo sea mucho peor de lo que realmente es.
nl copy Over-denken ruïneert u. Ruïneert de situatie, verdraait dingen rond, maakt je zorgen en maakt alles veel erger dan wat het eigenlijk is.
fr copy Over-pensée vous ruine. Ruines de la situation, se tord les choses, vous fait vous inquiétez et fait tout bien pire que ce qu’elle est réellement.
de copy Überdenken Sie ruiniert. Ruinen der Situation, dreht die Dinge um, macht Sie kümmern und macht alles noch viel schlimmer als das, was es tatsächlich ist.
CN67867 Guòdù sīkǎo fèixū nín. Yízhǐ de qíngkuàng, niǔzhuǎn qiánkūn, ràng nín shěng xīn, ràng yīqiè bǐ tā shíjì shang shì chà hěnduō.
Sweden Över tänkande förstör dig. Ruins läget, vrider runt saker, gör du oroa dig och gör allting mycket värre än vad den faktiskt är.
rus7897 Za – myshleniya razrushayet tebya. Ruiny situatsiyu , krutit veshchi , zastavlyayet vas bespokoit’sya i delayet vse namnogo khuzhe, chem to, chto yest’ na samom dele.
4523turkey Aşırı düşünce sizi mahveder. , Durumu kalıntıları çevresinde şeyler kıvırır, endişe yapar ve aslında ne olduğunu çok daha kötü her şeyi yapar.
images Over-pensiero si rovina. Rovine della situazione, torce le cose intorno, ti fa preoccupare e rende tutto molto peggio di quello che effettivamente è.
indonesiaID Over-pemikiran reruntuhan Anda. Ruins situasi, liku hal di sekitar, membuat Anda khawatir dan membuat segalanya jauh lebih buruk daripada apa itu sebenarnya.