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Gratitude, dua, and acceptance

By: Haqqseeker



Glory to Allāh and Salutations on Rasulullāh Sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam

This Dunyā, with all its glitter and glamour, is a very enticing place. At times we get so carried away by it that we become its slave and forget our Rabb. We start living a life that is totally against the commands of Allāh Ta’ala and the Sunnāh of Rasulullāh (Sall-Allāhu ‘alayhi wasallam).

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Accessibility, acceptance, and education: being Muslim with disability


By: Najah Zaaeed


We live in a world in which people are increasingly facing various challenges, many of which affect their well-being and lifestyles. Unfortunately, Muslims with disabilities are sometimes faced with barriers within their own Muslim communities. Recently, the Muslim Social Research Network launched a global study to understand the needs of Muslims with disabilities in the U.S., UK and Canada. The findings will be used to educate Muslim organizations about the challenges their community members with disabilities endure and provide recommendations on how to improve services, communication, and inclusion.

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After Ramadan: Just Keep Going


By: Bayyinah

Dear Muslims, Ramadan is over but by Allah’s help we will remember Allah and read His book throughout the year!

Among the signs of acceptance of a good deed is when it is followed up by other good deeds.

Make your fasting, tarawih, Quran recitation in Ramadan count! Keep going strong, even after Ramadan.

The Art of Advice

As humans, it’s natural for us to make mistakes, but as Muslims we should be able to give advice to our brothers and sisters who slip up, and also we must learn to accept advice from them when we are the ones who slip up. As Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (r) said “There is no goodness in people who don’t give advice, and there is no goodness in people who don’t like to be advised.” So Naseeha (advice) plays a big role in making this ummah stronger , if done correctly.

From what I have observed, Muslims nowadays are facing problems with the way they advise others and with the way they receive the advice themselves.

Giving Advice

Sincerity– Having the right intention is the most important thing. Your sole purpose of giving advice should be to please Allah and not to embarrass the person or show them that you are a better Muslim.

The right attitude – You should use kind words and avoid being rude, in other words, always be humble  .The person you are advising should not feel as if you are judging them. The main reason as to why most Muslims or people in general reject advice is because of the language used and the way it is put forth.

Secrecy – If you were to advice someone in public, it would mean exposing their faults to everyone, this sort of embarrassment is something that nobody would like to experience, so as Muslims we have to make sure that we advise our brothers and sisters in private. You can either have a private conversation with them or if you don’t know them personally an email would be a nice idea.

Don’t get angry – If the person responds in a bad way or rejects your advice, don’t get angry and just let it go, you have done your part as a Muslim brother/sister and it is up to them if they want to act upon your advice. Getting angry would contradict the whole point of giving advice.

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Acceptance has a magical effect on your life, problems start to disperse when you stop seeing them as the enemy.

gb copy Acceptance has a magical effect on your life, problems start to disperse when you stop seeing them as the enemy.
es copy La aceptación tiene un efecto mágico en su vida, los problemas comienzan a dispersarse cuando deje de verlos como el enemigo.
nl copy Acceptatie heeft een magisch effect op je leven, problemen beginnen te verspreiden wanneer u stopt ze te zien als de vijand.
fr copy Acceptation a un effet magique sur votre vie, les problèmes commencent à se disperser lorsque vous arrêtez de les voir comme l’ennemi.
de copy Die Annahme hat eine magische Wirkung auf Ihr Leben, beginnen Probleme zu zerstreuen, wenn Sie aufhören, als Feind sehen, wie sie.
CN67867 Jiēshòu duì nǐ de shēnghuó chǎnshēng shénqí de xiàoguǒ, wèntí kāishǐ, dāng nǐ zài kàn dào tāmen dàng zuò dírén qūsàn.
Sweden Acceptans har en magisk inverkan på ditt liv, problemen börjar skingra när du slutar se dem som fienden.
rus7897 Prinyatiye imeyet magicheskoye vozdeystviye na vashu zhizn’ , problemy nachinayut raskhodit’sya , kogda vy perestayete videt’ ikh v kachestve vraga.
4523turkey Kabul yaşam üzerinde büyülü bir etkisi vardır, sorunlar düşman olarak görmeye durdurmak ne zaman dağıtmaya başlar.
images L’accettazione ha un effetto magico sulla tua vita, i problemi iniziano a disperdersi quando si smette di vederli come il nemico.
indonesiaID Penerimaan memiliki efek magis pada kehidupan Anda, masalah mulai membubarkan ketika Anda berhenti melihat mereka sebagai musuh.

The season of happiness comes after the season of acceptance, when you have learned to accept yourself, life flowers again.

gb copy The season of happiness comes after the season of acceptance, when you have learned to accept yourself, life flowers again.
es copy La temporada de la felicidad viene después de la temporada de la aceptación, cuando ha aprendido a aceptarte a ti mismo, la vida florece de nuevo.
nl copy Het seizoen van geluk komt na het seizoen van aanvaarding, wanneer je hebt geleerd om jezelf te accepteren, begint het leven weer te bloeien.
fr copy La saison de bonheur vient après la saison d’acceptation, lorsque vous avez appris à vous, fleurs de la vie accepter à nouveau.
de copy Die Saison der Glück kommt nach der Saison der Akzeptanz, wenn Sie gelernt haben, sich selbst, das Leben wieder Blumen zu akzeptieren.
CN67867 Xìngfú de jìjié láilín shí yànshōu, dāng nǐ xuéhuìle zài jiēshòu zìjǐ, shēnghuó de huāduǒ zài sàijì jiéshù hòu.
Sweden Säsongen av lycka kommer efter säsongen av acceptans, när du har lärt dig att acceptera dig själv, livet blommar igen.
rus7897 Sezon schast’ya prikhodit posle sezona prinyatii, kogda vy nauchilis’ prinimat’ sebya , zhizni tsvety snova.
4523turkey Mutluluk sezon tekrar kendinizi, hayat çiçek kabul etmeyi öğrendim kabulün sezon sonra geliyor.