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Documentary: Championship Dreams in China (Video)

info-pictogram1 Desperate to escape a life of poverty, 11-year-old Tian Tian prepares to try out for China’s biggest soccer academy.
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Cameroon footballers embrace Islam

Entire team, coach and priest embrace Islam after Dubai training camp



Dubai – A football team from Cameroon, including the coach and female priest, has embraced Islam after attending a training camp in Dubai, officials said.

The team from the African country represents a football academy for the homeless, orphans and impoverished youth.

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A Guide to Making your First Eid your Best!

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New Muslims, make your FIRST EID a memorable day filled with Allah’s blessing and Celebrate, as FASTING through your first Ramadan to seek the pleasure of Allah is a great ACHIEVEMENT!

Sadly many New Muslims are LOST and confused
what to do on Eid and how to maximise FULL benefit from it?

Eid is a TRULY JOYOUS day alhamdulilah.

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