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Prophet Sulayman (pbuh), Bilqees, and the Hud-Hud




Glory to Allāh and Salutations on Rasulullāh Sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam.

“And (when) he (Nabi Sulaimān) inspected the birds, he exclaimed: ‘Why do I not see Hud-Hud, or is he among the absentees? Either he brings to me a valid proof (explanation) or I shall most certainly give him a severe punishment or slaughter him. The Hud-Hud stayed away for just a short time. (Upon his return) he said: ‘I have discovered what you have not discovered, and I come to you from (the land of) Saba’ with reliable information. Verily, I found a woman ruling over people. She has been given everything (of worldly wealth) and she has a wonderful throne. I have found her and her people prostrating to the sun besides Allāh. Shaitān has adorned for them their deeds and has prevented them from the Path of Allāh, hence they do not derive guidance.” (Surah Namal, Āyat 20 – 24)

These are the Qur’ānic aayaat commencing the story of Nabi Sulaimān (‘alayhis Salām) and Queen Bilqees, the ruler of Yemen at that time. The story begins with an inspection of the birds by Nabi Sulaimān (‘alayhis Salām). Allāh Ta’ala had bestowed to Nabi Sulaimān (‘alayhis Salām) the ability to understand and speak the variety of languages of even the birds. Mentioning this, the Qur’ān Majeed records the statement of Nabi Sulaimān (‘alayhis Salām) who said: “O people, we have been taught the speech of the birds and have been granted from everything. Verily, this is a clear bounty (of Allāh).” – Āyat 16, Surah Namal

On his expedition from Baitul Maqdis (Jerusalem) to Yemen, at one stage his army requested for water. There was no water in sight and the soldiers were extremely thirsty. Nabi Sulaimān (‘alayhis Salām) ordered the variety of birds to form their rows for an inspection. The purpose of the inspection was to issue a command to the bird Hud-Hud. What bird is the Hud-Hud?

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Bombing for peace: The Israeli Paradox


By: Brandon Parsons


After a brief pause in the violence to discuss prospects for peace in Cairo, Israelis and Palestinians are back to exchanging death. Israeli airstrikes reportedly killed three senior Hamas officials on Thursday, while also killing the wife and child of Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif.

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Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.

gb copy Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.
es copy La felicidad no es la ausencia de problemas, sino la capacidad de lidiar con ellos.
nl copy Geluk is niet de afwezigheid van problemen, maar het vermogen om te gaan met hen.
fr copy Le bonheur n’est pas l’absence de problèmes, mais la capacité de traiter avec eux.
de copy Glück ist nicht die Abwesenheit von Problemen, sondern die Fähigkeit, mit ihnen umzugehen.
CN67867 幸福不是沒有問題,但對付他們的能力。
Sweden Lycka är inte frånvaron av problem, men förmågan att hantera dem.
rus7897 Счастье не отсутствие проблем, но способность справляться с ними.
4523turkey Mutluluk sorunların yokluğu ama onlarla başa çıkmak için yetenek değildir.
images La felicità non è l’assenza di problemi, ma la capacità di trattare con loro.
indonesiaID Kebahagiaan tidak adanya masalah tetapi kemampuan untuk menangani mereka.

Speaking ill of someone in their absence is simply wrong.

gb copy Speaking ill of someone in their absence is simply wrong.
es copy Hablar mal de alguien en su ausencia es simplemente errónea.
nl copy Kwaad te spreken over iemand in hun afwezigheid is simpelweg gewoon fout.
fr copy Dire du mal de quelqu’un en son absence est tout simplement faux.
de copy Schlecht über jemanden sprechen in ihrer Abwesenheit ist einfach falsch.
CN67867 Shuō dào shēngbìng de rén zài tāmen de quēxí shì wánquán cuòwù de.
Sweden Tala illa om någon i deras frånvaro är helt enkelt fel.
rus7897 Govorya plokho o kom-to, v ikh otsutstviye prosto nepravil’no.
4523turkey Onların yokluğunda birinin kötü konuşan yanlıştır.
images Parlare male di qualcuno in loro assenza è semplicemente sbagliato.
indonesiaID Berbicara buruk tentang seseorang tanpa kehadiran mereka hanyalah salah.