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Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick: Christmas, Santa Claus and Islam (Video)

Abdullah Hakim Quick: The Origins of Christmas (Video)

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Traits of Al Mustafa (pbuh): Tolerant




He (PBUH) was sitting with His companions in an open place in Medina. A funeral was passing by in front of them. It was obvious in every respect, that the funeral was a Jewish one. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stood up and waited until the funeral passed by. His companions were amazed and warned him by thinking “maybe He had not realized the situation”:

“O Apostle of Allah! This was a Jew.”

In other words, He was not a Muslim. So, it had not been necessary for you to stand up.

Yet, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had been aware of everything from the beginning; so, he answered:

“But at the same time he was a human.” (1)

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Abdullah Hakim Quick: Urgent Alarm in The Age of Crisis (Video)

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October is Islamic History Month in Canada


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

Did you know? “• In the 9th Century AD, The Caliph Mamun of the Abbasid Dynasty in Baghdad, needed a means of solving problems of inheritance, land divisions, finances, Zakat, construction, agriculture, navigation and booty distribution. So the great Muslim Scholar Muhammad ibn Musa, Al-Khawarizmi, wrote a book called “Kitab al-Mukhtasar fi Hisab Al-Jabr (Algebra) wa al-Muqabalah” (The Abbreviated Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing”. This was the basis of Modern Algebra and is still studied today. Muslims need to return to positive, broad minded thinking that connects us with the Creator and enables us to handle the challenges around us. Look at this design that was part of a Mosque in Cairo, Egypt. SubhaanAllah, Focus your eyes on it and see the different levels of design. This is how life is!!! Allahu Akbar (Allah Is the Greatest).

Over 52% of mammals and birds are extinct! Where is the Khalifah?


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

The real meaning of Khalifah is the Vicegerent or representaive of Allah on earth not a political leader. Adam (pbuh), the first human was given this responsibility by Almighty Allah and we, as a human race, are now failing miserably. Before we bombed, kill, behead, occupy, exploit and starve other people in the name of democracy, peace or law and order, we need to straighten up and deal with the earth. We can find a cure for Ebola, bring back sanity and peace if we would just stop being so bigoted and narrow minded. look at this tragedy we are facing in the north, just like our fellow human beings around the world, animals are being made refugees!!!
Look at 35, 000 walruses coming ashore and trapped at Point Lay, Alaska, right now! There is not enough sea ice to sustain them so they’re stuck on the shore.” SubhaanAllah, do we think that we are not next?

The blessed days of Dhul Hijjah


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

As we pass through the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah, Muslims need to hold on to the life giving practices of Islam. Our Prayers, Fasting, Sadaqah (charity) and Hajj are blessings directly from Almighty Allah to each one of us! We have to believe that no matter what evil is done to us, no matter what insult is hurled at us, no matter what slander is made against the name of Islam, Allah has power over all things and has made for each manifestation in creation, a limit! We must believe that our children and our faith will survive, Insha Allah!!! They will find a way out (Makhraj) of the darkness into light!!!”

Husain Abdullah was penalized for praying?


By: Omar Suleiman

So proud of my brother Husain Abdullah who is having a phenomenal year in the NFL! Last year it was the day of Arafa that Husain got his first post Hajj pick 6. This was him after returning a Tom Brady interception to the end zone last night on prime time TV. Something about how this guy plays in Hajj season since he and his brother left the NFL for Hajj a few years ago Him and his brother Hamza have done so much Dawah by just being successful good Muslims. It’s stuff like this that brings mainstream America to appreciate our beautiful faith. So proud of you guys and also our brother Ryan Harris who plays offensive lineman for the Chiefs as well.

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As the world focuses on the confusion of the Middle East, Islam still spreads in the West!

By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

Native American and Canadian people are interested in Islam.” Leave the concrete cities, Oh Muslims, and do Dawah (outreach) in the Teepees (Aboriginal tents) and the Igloos and houses of the North!”
“Here is a shot taken today from Ojibwe country, Curve Lake Ontario. May Almighty Allah enable the Aboriginal people of the Americas, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific region, South East Asia, and the Arctic region to come into Islam in crowds. Surely Allah has power over all things!!!”