Knowledge Prescription for The Believer

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By: Uzman Muhajir

Upon the Creation of the Earth, the site of Al-Kaaba had been inaugurated with status and honour.  Allah Most High had designated the Holy ground of Al-Kaabah to be the centre of the universe. The Holy ground of Al-Kaabah bears testimony to the presence of the Father of Mankind, Adam (A.S.) unto the Final Prophet, Muhammad (S.A.W.) unto whom the Revelation of the Glorious Quran descended through the Angel Jibraeel. Unto this day Al-Kaabah is the beacon to which the current 2 billion Muslims worldwide turn to pray. Geographically such magnificence is characterised by harsh terrains and soaring temperatures positioned in The Holy City of Makkah.

Why had Allah chosen the backdrop of such Divine activity to be one of the most arid and treacherous terrains where the sweltering heat and hot desert sands stand in stark contrast to one of the thousands of exotic Island oasis’s created by Him. Surely, suchidyllic and magnificent paradises where lush forests harvest an abundance of exotic fruit and winding rivers lead to the splendour of waterfalls gushing forth with life  is more worthy of geographical positioning. If such descriptive words, as those italicised, are able to excite the senses and momentarily intoxicate us then truly our minds are receptive sponges to the adornment of this beautiful world. Irrespective of our nuanced, outward, physical difference, the common ground is the desire to satiate the needs. The most challenging needs are those that are within us, that are felt and experienced, those that cannot be touched and cannot be seen… like inner peace, dignity and tranquillity!

The search for tranquillity is as much a 20th Century desire as it had been for the generations that have preceded us. Driven by an innate need theorists have since eons hypothesised the roadmap to achieving this desired state and it has become the driving force of the Western social, economic, and political market. Driven by these forces and ideologies, we spend a lifetime obsessed with the hope of finding tranquillity through tirelessly analysing relationships, self-awareness workshops, seminars, vacations to exotic island retreats, over the counter medications, aromatic therapies, calming exercises and reaching for bigger, brighter, bolder…. Despite the big hoo-hah, tranquillity evidently stands narrowed down to short term and momentary experiences.

Understanding that Allah (S.W.T.) is the Creator and therefore the owner of everything that exists is the passageway to reaching a tranquil heart. He has formed and shaped humankind from Earth, for unto Earth we belong. He has ordained for medical sciences to enquire, investigate and understand its operating systems. Thus, they are able to repair and replace it thereby restoring it to optimal working condition.

Despite advancement in technology, several scientific attempts to recreate and duplicate the human body have failed to give it life for the unique chemistry of the soul is yet unexplained, “They ask you [O Muhammad (SAW)] concerning the Ruh (Soul). Say: ‘It is one of the things, the knowledge of which is only with my Lord. And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given very little.” Al-Qur’an  17:85.The negation in this verse is a clarification that all efforts in pursuing the operating system of the Soul will be without fruition. This declaration by Allah ties up with a brief departure to the origin of the Soul. Upon the announcement of Allah (SWT) the process of creating Adam (AS), the Father of Mankind commenced. Sent down from the heavens upon the instruction of Allah, Angels bring forth soil obtained from Earth. This soil is prepared, shaped and baked.  The figure now lay dark, hollow and lifeless until He, The Sublime Creator, commands heavenly light to enter the form. This heavenly light is termed Ruh.

Indeed, Allah has provided the human body with everything it needs on Earth; its nourishment, its cure and its abode of disintegration.  Because the Ruh is of heavenly origin, it should hereto be nourished and cured with that which is Heavenly. In Al-Quran Allah says, “Verily, in the heavens and the earth are signs for the believers.” Al-Quran 45:3 Behold the beauty and perfection in the timing of the waxing and waning of the moon, the break of dawn that signals day and setting dusk that signals night. The system is in obedience to His commands and do not falter in their assigned tasks hence maintaining rhythmic constancy. So too is Humankind to achieve inner harmony and tranquillity in obedience to His commands. Allah assures the believer that in the Remembrance of Allah will the heart find peace.  Through His Supreme Wisdom, we are directed to turn our aspirations to attaining a Soul worthy of the promised, eternal realm that it is Created for – Jannah. The Quran is His Divine Instruction Manual to Humankind. The task of accomplishing unison of a Soul which is Heavenly and a body which is Earthly can only be achieved by adhering to the Sunnah – the way of life of His Most Beloved Messenger, Nabi Muhammad (SAW).

In the Glorious Quran, Allah Most High distinctly states and explains His Ideology. For the worshipper to verbally utter, “I believe in Allah”, is not sufficient for Allah. He therefore presents us with tests and challenges. Surrendering to Him throughout our lives, remaining steadfastness irrespective of the apparent magnitude of the test are the determining factors of pass or fail. As we trudge with this comprehension, He will endow our vision with clarity in seeing the bounties en-route. So coaxingly He says “with hardship comes ease, with hardship comes ease” (Al-Quran 94.5).

Islam is a knowledge-based religion. The Believer is actively and consistently in a state of acquiring knowledge.Umar ibn Al-Khattab (RA), the second rightly guided Caliph said,“Acquire knowledge, and learn tranquillity and dignity.” These words packaged with the prescription for cure and success in this world. It offers its seeker a delightful, endless ocean of wealth.

When we unpack an oft-repeated Verse in The Glorious Quran, “To Allah belongs whatever is between the heavens and the Earth” we should be acknowledging that He who owns everything inclusively owns us thus reserving us no superiority or might. That our desires, be they spiritual, emotional or material belongs to Allah and will be gifted to us when Allah knows it is best for us. We are to seek His pleasure through fulfilment of our duties like the birds that go out in the morning and come back at night; they went out, sought their rizq (sustenance), and received what was ordained for them. That whatever He has ordained for us are gifts. Even when the gift-wrap weathers we will treasure it, care for it and we will show Him our sincere appreciation for it. To expound through example… time may reveal the imperfections and flaws in the wrapping of a spouse but through patience and perseverance in our duties to Allah, the authority to change hearts is with Allah and so is His promise that He will make away out if He knows it is best for us. Placing our firm trust in Him heralds the understanding the concept of “Tawakkul” – that everything; good or bad, life or death, wealth or poverty is from Him. The more we learn, the more we grow, the more we understand that there is no room for depression in Islam.

“Verily this Quran doth guide to that which is most right (or stable) and giveth the glad tidings to the Believers who work deeds of righteousness, that they shall have a magnified reward;” Al-Quran 17:9. The “magnified reward” is peace and tranquil that envelopes the soul of the believer who work deeds of righteousness. The peaceful and tranquil heart understands that its essence, its soul, is for an eternal abode in the Hereafter and that this world is merely the porthole.

A Muslim is to approach and embrace this life with a sense of seriousness. Our Beloved Nabi Muhammad (SAW) said, “The world is a prison for a Believer and a Paradise for the non-believer”. Although the sport and amusement of this world excites and invites the Believer, they are ever mindful of the Laws of Allah; they remain steadfast and keep the world as a vehicle to the Hereafter as their focus. This world in the grand plan of Allah is a testing station and not a resting station.

Blessed are those who acquire knowledge from Al-Quran and follow the teachings of the Sunnah. Blessed are those who comprehend that Islam is balanced, that Islam is not fables, dreams or speculations. Allah promises an abode of Eternal Bliss to those who do good and promises an abode of Hellfire to those who deny and He never neglects on His promise.

May Allah  accept my humble attempt to touch your heart just as He permitted my heart to be touched. May Allah be pleased with us, Indeed we are merely messengers of The Messengers. Ameen

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