Notable Mosques



  • Al-Aqsa, in Jerusalem
  • Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt – the mosque university is the foremost school of Sunni Islam
  • Al-Hakim Mosque – one of the largest Fatimid mosques in Cairo, Egypt
  • Ar-Rifaye Mosque in Cairo, Egypt
  • Babri Mosque in Ayodhya, India – now destroyed and a site of recent violence between Muslims and Hindus

ablution fountain near the Dome of the Rock

  • Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan
  • Bajrakli Mosque in Belgrade, Serbia – burned in 2004 after ethnic violence
  • Dome of the Rock (Masjid Al Sakhrah) in Jerusalem – technically a shrine, not a mosque
  • Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, destroyed in 1993
  • Great Mosque of Djenné in Djenné, Mali
  • Ground Zero Mosque, New York City
  • Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey – was a mosque from 1453 until 1934; is now a museum
  • Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco
  • Id Kah Mosque in Kashgar, People’s Republic of China
  • Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf, Iraq – the holiest Shi’ite mosque
  • Isabey Mosque in near Izmir, Turkey
  • Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia – the largest mosque in Southeast Asia.
  • Masjid al Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia – the “Great Mosque”; holiest in Islam
  • Masjid al Nabawi in Medina, Saudi Arabia
  • The Mezquita in Córdoba, Spain – now a Catholic cathedral
  • Masjid al-Quba, just outside Medina, Saudi Arabia – foundation stone was laid by the Prophet Muhammad
  • Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, in Cairo, Egypt
  • Mosque of Ibn Tulun, in Cairo, Egypt
  • Mosque of Mohammed Ali at the Citadel, Cairo, Egypt
  • Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, Turkey
  • Suleiman Mosque (Süleymaniye Mosque) in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque (“the Blue Mosque”) in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Tsar’s Mosque in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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