Download a copy of the Qur’an, Hadiths and other Islamic literature


Here is the Qur’an available for download in different languages:

Qur’an – English Qur’an – English (smaller pdf) Qur’an – Albanian
Qur’an – Bosnian Qur’an – Brahui Qur’an – Chichewa
Qur’an – Chinese Qur’an – Filipino
Qur’an – French
Qur’an – German Qur’an – Greek Qur’an – Hausa
Qur’an – Indonesian Qur’an – Kazakh Qur’an – Korean
Qur’an – Macedonian
Qur’an – Malayalam
Qur’an – Nko
Qur’an – Persian Qur’an – Portuguese Qur’an – Romanian
Qur’an – Russian Qur’an – Sindhi
Qur’an – Somali
Qur’an – Spanish
Qur’an – Thai
Qur’an – Urdu
Qur’an – Vietnamese Qur’an – Yoruba  Qur’an – Tagalog

Tafsir Ibn Kathir all 10 volumes (Commentary of the Qur’an) – All 10 volumes
Tafsir Surat Al-Kahf (Ibn Kathir)
The Miracles of the Quran

Islamic Creed (Belief)

Commentary on The Creed of At-Tahawi Part 1
Commentary on The Creed of At-Tahawi Part 2
Commentary on The Creed of At-Tahawi Part 3
Commentary on The Creed of At-Tahawi Part 4
Ibn Taymiyyah Expounds on Islam

Pillars of Imaan

The World of the Angels
The World of the Noble Angels
Paradise and Hell


Sahih Bukhari
Sahih Muslim
Sunan Abu Dawud

Sunan Ibn Majah
Sunan At-Tirmidhi
Sunan At-Tirmidhi (arabic)
Muwatta – Imam Malik
Riyad-us-Saliheen vol 1 and 2
An Introduction to the Science of Hadith
110 Hadith Qudsi
100 Fabricated Hadith
Fiqh-us-Sunnah: The Book of Hajj
Forty Hadith – Imam An-Nawawi


Ahmad Ibn Hanbal’s Treatise on Prayer
Forgetfulness in the Prayer
A Description of the Prophet’s (pbuh) Wudhu
The Prophet’s (pbuh) Prayer Described (Abridged version)
The Prophet’s (pbuh) Prayer Described
Congregational Prayer
A Guide to Prayer in Islam


Fasting in Ramadan according to the Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah
Fasting is Protection
Matters Relating to Fasting
Rulings Pertaining to Ramadan
The Nature of Fasting
Eid Etiquette and Rulings

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Seerah

Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum
Morals & Manners – Imam Bukhari
The Battles of The Prophet

Women and Family

The Ideal Muslimah
Woman in Islam
Islamic Perspective on Sex
The Ideal Muslim Husband
The Ideal Muslim Wife
The Bride’s BoonFiqh of Marriage

The Day of Judgement

Signs before the Day of Judgement by Ibn Kathir
Dajjaal – The false Messiah by Ibn Kathir
Preparing for the Day of Judgement
The Book of the End by Ibn Kathir

Learning about Islam

Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam
Atlas of the Qur’an
Understand Arabic in 12 coloured tables

Life in Al-Barzakh
The Soul’s Journey after Death

Innovations and Sins
Celebrating the Prophet’s (Pbuh) Birthday
Celebrating Valentine’s Day
The Islamic Ruling on Music and Singing
Waswasah – Whisperings of the Shaytaan
Black Magic Evil Magicians

Other notable Islamic Books

Ibn Taymeeyah’s Letters from Prison
The Goodly Words – Ibn Taymeeyah
Enjoining Right and Forbidding Wrong
The Dreamer’s Handbook
Answering those who altered the religion of Jesus Christ
Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet pbuh


Dealing with Worries and Stress
Don’t be Sad
Correcting People’s Mistakes
Patience and Gratitude
The Beard between the Salaf and Khalaf
The Etiquette of Seeking Knowledge
The Ideal Muslim
The Ideal Muslimah
Weeping From The Fear Of Allah

Comparative Religion

The Choice Islam and Christianity Vol 1
The Choice Islam and Christianity Vol 2

Learn Islam! In doing so, you will… Stand Up 4 Islam!

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