More Japanese universities to serve halal food


More Japanese universities would soon provide halal food on their campuses to cater for the growing number of Muslim students, the Japanese embassy announced on Wednesday.
The Ministry of Higher Education, Culture, Sports Sciences and Technology of Japan introduced the Global 30 program in 2009 to attract 300,000 foreign students over five years.

The embassy stated that there are many Saudi students in Japan who need halal food. He said his country would also serve halal food for Muslims at the airport and in the commercial area. Currently, there are 12,000 Japanese Muslims and at least one mosque in every province of the country’s 47 regions and provinces.

Among those serving halal food are the Tokyo Business Association and Yamanashi University, one of 19 universities that offer halal food options on their menus, according to the National Federation of Universities Co-operative Association (NFUCA).

Yamanashi University has added new items with halal stickers to its menu according to a report. There are about 180 foreign students at the school, half of them Muslims from various countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. A cafeteria manager, Tetsuya Tanahashi, said that countries and sects vary on what food they consider appropriate and so they discuss with foreign students their specific needs.

“The meals are prepared and served in accordance with Islamic law, which stipulates the correct method of draining blood from the animals. It prohibits the consumption of pork products and alcohol,” he added.

According to a report, the University of Tokyo was the first to incorporate halal meat into its meal options in 2012 using meat ordered through the association and four universities in the region have followed suit.

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