Hijab: What Is It All About?

Hijab, My Choice, My Right, and My Freedom


Source: onislam.net

The status of women in Islam is often the target of attacks in the secular media.

The hijab or the Islamic dress is cited by many as an example of the “subjugation” of women under Islamic law.

Yet, the truth is that 1400 years ago, Islam recognized women’s rights in a way that grants them the utmost protection and respect, a combination other systems fail to offer.

Islam granted them freedom of expression, political participation, business and financial rights, and asked the rest of society to hold them in high esteem and offer them due respect as mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters.

What is it about hijab? Why are Muslim women still wearing it?

How can a piece of cloth attract so much attention?

  All About Hijab
Just as praying and fasting sincerely for Allah’s pleasure brings us closer to Him, so too does wearing hijab — if done with the same sincerity. 14368
14368 What Is the True Meaning of Hijab?

Many people like to refer to hijab as a “personal choice”. Yes. It is a personal choice. It is a personal choice to submit to God rather than the fashion of society. It is a choice to be beautiful to God, rather than to people.

   Hijab in the West
Hijab can not only be difficult in normal situations when you’re living in a non-Muslim-majority country. How can a Muslim woman practice her religion in a Western country? 14368
14368 Hijab Between East and WestThe value systems that relate to wearing a scarf in the Western world were eroded in the 19th century. Most countries could almost be part of the debate of ‘Welfare or Wealth’ with religion of the side of welfare.
   Misconceptions and Q&A on Hijab
How easy is it to wear hijab? What personal problems do women face with regards to hijab? Obviously with all that covering, these women don’t get enough fun or sun, right?… 14368
14368 Hijab: An Insult to Unveiled Women?My question is regarding the status of Muslim women. It is said in the holy Quran that Muslim women should cover themselves to guard their modesty… Now, should a non-Muslim woman get to know the reason Muslim women wear the Hijab? Wouldn’t they feel looked down upon?
   New Muslims’ First Hijab
In Islam, the dress code for both men and women is based on modesty. Women are required to wear the hijab, which is intended to cover all parts of the body except face and hands. 14368
14368 Embracing the HijabWhen making the decision to wear the hijab for the first time, you must also remember that Satan will be with you every step of the way whispering his insinuations to make you resist wearing it altogether. Don’t let Satan win.



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