Second Amendment right to bear arms within the structures of federal and state laws

By: Shibli Zaman

If you are willing to forfeit your U.S. Constitutional rights in order to make those who discriminate against you feel more at ease, then you deserve their prejudice and you don’t deserve your Constitutional rights.

To suggest an American-Muslim shouldn’t be open about his/her Second Amendment right to bear arms within the structures of federal and state laws because some people think we are “violent” due to events in lawless 3rd world nations thousands of miles away that we have NOTHING to do with is the same as telling an African-American or Hispanic-American that they shouldn’t legally own a legally acquired firearm because some people think they are all criminals, “thugs” and gang members.

If you’re so accommodating of the prejudices of society and so ashamed of the United States Constitution then please move to any socialist nation of your choice anywhere else in the world. The freedoms guaranteed to us by the US Constitution aren’t for you to pick and choose for us.

This post isn’t about gun control so don’t take it there. This post is specifically about limiting rights based upon race and/or religion to accommodate prejudices in society.
With love, from TEXAS.

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