Lange Frans: ‘IS set up by the CIA “


By: Soufyan Bouharat

Dutch top-artist Lange Frans posted this morning critical Tweets about the interference of the Netherlands in the fight against Islamic State (IS). According to former rapper, The Netherlands should not interfere with the situation. “Do you know how to prevent attacks in the Netherlands; No war abroad. ”

The DJ of radio Slam FM thinks that the Netherlands shouldn’t interfere in the war with IS. They have nothing to find and to do with them: “To people we do not know, have done nothing to us and probably want to lead a normal life.”

A reaction of IS would not surprise Lange Frans. “If there is something happening then it is our own fault. Not only that of the politicians, because we (the voters) have given them that spot. I will not shed a tear if something would happen. Although I do not think there is something going to happen. It is especially scaremongering.”

Finally, he gives his views on the origins of the organization. “Very IS is a set up made by the CIA. Armed, trained it and everything going on. ”

Lange Frans stops with his Twitter tirade after a number of tweets: “No I’m not hacked. But forget it all again. Have a great day. ”

The responses to his tweets were different. The former rapper received a number of death threats, but he also received retweets from supporters. He hopes at least that he can make people think “I hope everyone that looks at me as a fool, junk, collaborator, aluminum hat etc. also takes the trouble to really deepen.”

For attention, it is not essential to him: “I’am absolutely in no need of attention. Do not want in the newspaper, on websites or in RTL boulevard (tv program). Really. And for the emailed death threats; bring it on! Because barking dogs do not bite. I do not hide.”

About Akhi Soufyan

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