Would you like a million pounds?


By: Oyon Ajmain

If a random guy came up to you right now and gave you 1 million pounds and walked away, what would you do?

Realistically you would probably go after the guy and try to thank him, or maybe even ask him, “why are you giving me this money?” Because you feel grateful for what he’s done or you feel that you’ve gotten something so amazing so surely he must want something in return?

Now if I was to ask you to sell me your right arm for 1 million pounds, would you sell it to me? Most likely you won’t. The arms, legs, hearts, lungs etc that we have, it’s very unlikely we would sell them because we realise that these are the only organs we have. The magnitude of what we have is far more than what anything money can buy. With a healthy lung we can breathe easily and perform activities, no machine in the world can replace our lungs and do what our lungs can do.

Yet everyday we take our amazing perfected bodies for granted. We never asked for hands, legs, eyes or lungs but we have it all, yet we don’t take the time out to ask God “Why are you giving me these organs?”
We never take a moment to thank Allah? Yet if a man was to give you a million pounds you would be ready to fall to the ground to thank him. Knowing that the very arms we have is worth far more than 1 million pounds?

Stand up today to thank Allah for all that he’s given you, and take time out to study the religion to see what Allah wants from you for all the favours he constantly gives you.

Think, Reflect and implement.

About Akhi Soufyan

If you see goodness from me, then that goodness is from The Creator. You should be thankful to The Creator for all of that. Cause I'm not the architect of that. I'm only the...the recipient. If you see weakness or shortcoming in me it's from my own weakness or shortcoming. And I ask The Creator and the people to forgive me for that. _______________________________ Website eigenaar voor een betere wereld en doel, niet gericht op verdiensten van geld maar goede daden. In de naam van Allah, de Barmhartige. Als je goedheid van mij ziet, dan is dat de goedheid van de Schepper (God). Wees De Schepper dankbaar voor dat. Want ik ben daar niet de architect van, ik ben alleen de ontvanger.

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