A Short Explanation of The Quran

A Short Explanation of Holy Quran (1)

Source: islam44.net

By: Naveed Shamem

Quran is the last book of Allah swt revealed on last prophet Muhammad salal laho aliehi waslam.It is the only book which is free from all kinds of error and flaw .It has been preserved both in the form of book and also memorized by the Muslims generation after generations.

It consists of 30 sections and has 114 chapters .Some chapters are longer where as some others are shorter.Some of these chapters were revealed before the migration of Holy Prophet to Makkah where as some others were revealed after migration to Medinah.

It discusses all those points which are necessary for success of human beings in this life and hereafter. Indeed no one can know the path of success better than the Creator himself .

So any one who wants to be on the right path should:

Recite this book
Try to grasp its meanings in depth.
Try to act on it sincerely

This book has different names like

Noor which means light.
Burhan which means evidence.
Furqan which means discriminator.
Quran which means a book which is most frequently read.
Zikar which means Remembrance.

All these names are linked to different attributes of the Quran and when a person recites this book he comes to know that all the names are true in their spirit and essence.

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