Lying and Importance of Investigation in Islam



By: Hajira Khan

Lying in Islam is a major sin, it’s considered one of the most evil characteristics of a person, and there are severe punishments prescribed by Allah and His Prophet (s) for those who lie,  depending on the grievousness of the lies uttered.

We live in such an era, in which it is hard to distinguish between the truth and lie, between real and fake. Every matter of society just became fake and it became so easy to get secondary benefits. Binary opposition is eventual phenomenon of this universe.Every person is so soon to indulge in black and white while listening to any news. People are so expert at pretending and articulating the ideas. In this industrial era, Individuals have to become sharp and present minded with an open eye to while dealing for every sphere of life. Even a single mistake can leads you to the severe loss. Diplomacy became the trend of society and key of marketing success.  Everyone has to flatter in market to get benefit of business. A naive and ignorant person is palpable of being ditched in every moment. I personally heard some people who were boasting after fooling some ignorant person.

Blind trust sometimes can lead you to sever destruction and loss. That might be an economical, physical or social. Economical loss can be due to trusting a wrong person in business or in other official matters and Robbing etc. A little misguidance can be cause of great physical loss in form of kidnapping, bullying and personal enmity and blood shedding. Human nature is inclined to believe the upper cover and resistant to go beneath the cover and it requires a clear red signal to be doubted. You might be known to various clashes regarding personal and inter personal relationships, which would happen only due to interference of third ‘EVIL’ party the envious one. Misconceptionabout another person may deprive you of very precious relations. You might have to pay a great cost to heal that loss and that light leads you resentment and an endless regrets. Just one ‘lie’ and there is a great explosion to face.

One of the great example of misguiding people is ‘April Fool’ which is celebrated at 1st of April. A ‘ lie’ is being celebrated..STRANGE!… A lie which can blow many lives to dust. Dilemma is that mainstream mass is a ‘SILENT’ spectacular of this stage drama and enjoying it. We blindly follow the ENGRAVED wrong norms which are being followed from years to centuries in our society.

Moreover, whenever an HIGHLIGHTED event occur in our country, every news channel just starts giving coverage by blowing it up. Numerous wrong information would likely to include in it, which might lead the mass into trouble. Majority of Mass trust on media for social updates so the wrong information might cause a great drawback into people’s lives. A single false news may disunite the two sects or groups and might separate them.

We can’t change the society; we might have to change our selves. We can take some certain steps to avoid the loss occur due to fake information. We have to take responsibility of our own selves as we can’t change the society so beware!!!!

The Islamic protective way to avoid the loss of false information is to investigate every matter no matter what kind of information it would be. It is essential to struggle for root out the truth and underlying information. Islam gave the excellent social ethics to UMMAT-ISLAM to maintain the stability of society. Quran says in Surah HUJURAT:

O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful”. ( surah HUJURAT, verse:6).

A little effort to investigate the matter might save you from various losses and regrets. Whenever, you hear any information, check it whether it is true or false, fake or real. A comprehension of one (HADITH) demonstrates that: “ It is enough to prove some one liar who believe in every news which he heard about someone “.

Another way to save your selves from harm is to be aware, read books, journals, be socialized and gather information. Being up-to-date regarding news and surrounding has a various benefits. These small steps can affect astonishing on your lives !

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