I want to help Syrians, why shouldn’t I go? (Video)

info-pictogram1 Many young Britons such as Majid Freeman, a humanitarian aid worker have travelled to Syria to help ease the suffering of the people there. But the approach of the British government has been to discourage people from going. Majid Freeman explains his reasons for going and the pressures him and his family have been put under by the police.

I never mentioned the things i did in this interview to scare other aid workers and put people off from getting involved in helping the abandoned orphan children, widows & brothers in Syria in their hour of need. Rather i spoke about my experience to highlight what aid workers go through in this country for merely helping save lives.
At the beginning of this war the UK/US were about to invade Syria to help the very same innocent civilians we go to help. However now they want to invade Syria again however this time to help BASHAR against “ISIS”. These world “leaders” including our own government are hypocrites and don’t care at all about the innocent civilians who are suffering in Syria.

Please continue helping the needy and don’t fear the blame of the blamers. If you have had the MI5 or Counter-Terrorism officers or PREVENT come approach you or pay you a visit please please contact Cageprisoners for assistance. Please find out what your rights are and don’t let them talk to you without a solicitor or without a CAGE representative’s advice. You’re NOT alone. Don’t feel you can’t ask anyone for help as the prevent officers may try to blackmail you or your family members.
Alternatively please contact CAGE via contact@cageuk.org

Please SHARE so other aid workers or normal every day Muslims who are being criminalised or having visits from the police for showing concern for the oppressed & needy in Syria know they’re not alone and can seek some assistance.

Jazakallahu khair to CAGE and everyone else who has helped me and help others in these situations where even your closest friends may not want to have anything to do with you.. These are all tests and its very important we remember this is allll part of the parcel. No one said it’s going to be an easy ride but do you not think Allah azza wajal is seeing the sacrifices you’re making for His sake? Do you not think Allah azza wajal knows the risks you’re taking solely for wanting to help take baby milk to little babies in Syria? Allah knows.. and He WILL help us if we are sincere and have faith in Him

‪#‎IsItACrimeToCare‬ ‪#‎Islamophobia‬ ‪#‎CriminalisingMuslims‬

** CAGE have a Nationwide tour across UK this September ‪#‎IsItACrime‬ to Care?‪#‎syria‬ ‪#‎Gaza‬ http://www.cageuk.org/event/it-crime-care … please try attend these events if you can and take your family and friends with you! Whether you realise or not this affects ALL OF US! pic.twitter.com/ru9P2rOkbh **

A convoy is going back to Syria for Eid inshaAllah. Please continue donating generously on www.SaveOurSyria.com or via www.OneNationUK.org/Donate for alternative payment methods (Alhamdulillah 100% Donation Policy)

Please keep every aid worker and every other person who is striving for the sake of Allah in your duas. May Allah azza wajal accept everyones efforts, make us all sincere & use us as a means to help the Ummah Ameen Jazakallahu Khair

Majid Freeman

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