Palestinians help rescue Israeli family after causing their car to crash



The Jewish family that was driving home through the West Bank when they were attacked by Palestinian stone-throwers, were surprised to find Palestinian villagers coming to their rescue, YNet news reported on Monday.

Yedaya Sharchaton and his wife Hadassah were travelling with their toddler in the back seat when their car was suddenly pelted by large rocks. They were close to the Palestinian village of Beit Umar, on the way to their home in a settlement south of Hebron.

The stones were thrown at the car around midnight. One of the bigger rocks broke through the front windshield, hitting Yedaya in the face and causing him to lose control of the vehicle.

The car veered, hit a road barrier, and flipped over onto the side of the road.

Hadassah told YNet News “I was screaming like a madwoman until we landed on the roof, and then it became quiet.”

She said that their toddler Nitzan cried and then stopped.

She saw Palestinians walking toward the flipped car and became worried for her safety. The Palestinians told her not to worry and that they were there to help her.

They helped extract Nitzan from her baby seat, and one of the Palestinians held the baby as others helped Hadassah out of the car.

Hadassah said of her rescuers, “I know how to distinguish between terrorists and human beings, and these were human beings.

The IDF and ambulance services came and rescued Yedaya, who had suffered fractures to his skull, jaw, and eye socket and was hemorrhaging in his brain.

He is still in the hospital trying to recover, with Hadassah and Nitzan by his side.

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