Visiting the sick has many benefits


By: Mufti Ismail Menk

Visiting the sick, assisting them in any way, inquiring about them and praying for them has many benefits, hence it is considered a great act of worship.

It boosts the morale of the sick, making them feel much better, giving them a sense of belonging which contributes to their recovery.

The psychological impact of a kind word, a prayer and a visit is so great that the sick begin to feel much better and the greatest of miracles can occur even after medicine has given up.

It also makes us realize the gift of health that the Almighty has bestowed upon us and gives us the opportunity to be thankful.

Taking care of the sick can result us being protected from such sickness as well as easy entry into paradise.

The day WE fall ill, we will be surprised at the number of people who inquire about us, pray for us and visit us over and above those who take care of us. This is what makes us one big family.

The genuine concern for one another is a vital component of a happy community.

When was the last time you visited the sick, assisted them in any way, prayed for their cure or inquired about them? Make it a regular feature in your weekly routine.

(a reminder to myself first and foremost, in’sha’Allah)

Allahu Akbar!

About Akhi Soufyan

If you see goodness from me, then that goodness is from The Creator. You should be thankful to The Creator for all of that. Cause I'm not the architect of that. I'm only the...the recipient. If you see weakness or shortcoming in me it's from my own weakness or shortcoming. And I ask The Creator and the people to forgive me for that. _______________________________ Website eigenaar voor een betere wereld en doel, niet gericht op verdiensten van geld maar goede daden. In de naam van Allah, de Barmhartige. Als je goedheid van mij ziet, dan is dat de goedheid van de Schepper (God). Wees De Schepper dankbaar voor dat. Want ik ben daar niet de architect van, ik ben alleen de ontvanger.

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