Bombing for peace: The Israeli Paradox


By: Brandon Parsons


After a brief pause in the violence to discuss prospects for peace in Cairo, Israelis and Palestinians are back to exchanging death. Israeli airstrikes reportedly killed three senior Hamas officials on Thursday, while also killing the wife and child of Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif.

Unsurprisingly, Israeli officials and their obedient supporters welcome the death of Hamas members, as well as the deaths of their families as a positive development. Afterall, they view Hamas as an unwanted weed that can only be managed through an occasional mowing of the lawn. Using pesticide or uprooting the weed, however, is completely out of the question. For you see, Hamas is incredibly useful to Israeli planners, what pretense would Israeli officials rely on to justify its brutal occupation of Gaza in its absence?

The paradox that Israeli supporters find themselves heedlessly attached is the belief that Israeli military operations benefit the average Israeli, and that by enforcing a policy of “Might makes right” are acting in the interests of peace. This flawed outlook hinges on the notion that Palestinians can be terrorized into submission, that the pain and suffering inflicted by Israeli terrorism will become so unsavory to the average Palestinian that Hamas and other militant groups will eventually be forcefully removed from the Strip by Palestinians. This “notion” is dismantled through the application of reason and logic.

There is no evidence to suggest that Israeli military operations are weakening Hamas or undermining their hegemony, but there is a plethora of evidence suggesting they are achieving the complete opposite. One must assess these developments in order to have a balanced opinion on the prospect of violence achieving peace.

When Israeli forces escalate military attacks on Gaza, there is an equal escalation of Palestinian resistance, both militarily (rocket fire) and politically (Palestinian support of Hamas). Take for instance the Israeli airstrikes conducted on Aug. 21 that killed three Hamas officials. Not only were dozens of rockets launched towards Israel in response, but on the ground thousands of Palestinians took to the streets for funeral processions where they defiantly declared support for Hamas and other militant organizations. [1]

As journalist Dan Cohen stated while covering the conflict in Gaza: “While Israel’s assault on Gaza has now claimed at least 2,030 lives and caused more than 10,302 injuries, along with entire neighborhoods destroyed, frustration with the status quo has boiled over into near-total support for armed resistance. As exhausted as they are with the war, everyone I spoke to across Gaza said they were willing to endure another round of fighting if it meant an improvement in the long term humanitarian situation. Beyond that, no one seemed willing to take Israel’s assault lying down.” [2]

Later in the article, Dan Cohen documents part of his interview with Kamal Qadan, the head of a Palestinian family caught in the conflict. Qadan said the following: “Our life is hard under the siege. And it would be insane not to lift it after this disaster that we lived during this war. But I don’t think it will be lifted. That’s why we need to go on and fight and be steadfast and even pay double the price if we have to so it can be lifted.”

So if slaughtering thousands of civilians and leveling entire parts of Gaza aren’t weakening Hamas either militarily or politically, what is the point? If the rockets continue to fly and the Palestinians continue to support the resistance, what exactly is Israel meaning to achieve from its military operations?

We must come to understand that it is Israel’s suppression of Palestinians, or what we euphemistcally refer to as ‘collective punishment’ that is exacerbating Palestinian animosity and providing Hamas with the recruitment it needs to maintain itself as a militant movement inside Gaza. So long as the blockade is maintained, so long as Palestinian rights are violated there can not be peace as there will always be a number of Palestinians willing to physically resist the injustice.

If we are unwilling to confront this fact, if we continue to absolve ourselves from the role Israeli violence plays in perpetuating this conflict we equally absolve ourselves from advocating viable solutions to bringing about its end. There can be no peace so long as Israeli forces continue to deprive Palestinians of their desire to live with dignity and respect.

Every bomb and shell fired from Israeli fighters or tanks is ammunition to Israel’s destruction. May Israelis and her supporters come to their senses regarding this conflict.




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