Shaykh Hasan Ali: Stop Being An Online Jihadi (Video)


info-pictogram1 Shakyh Hasan Ali talks about the facebook Ulema, the twitter muftis and the online jihadis. A brief talk on how Muslims should conduct themselves online. Just to clarify. The Shaykh is not saying that we shouldn’t engage in dialogue with the non-muslims. However, if and when we decided to do so, then we should convey the message in the best of manners, etiquettes that Islam teaches us. We shouldn’t engage or talk to them in a un-islamic fashion by swearing, cursing, insulting and being disrespectful towards them. These things are not part of our faith. Convey the message in the best of manners. If we cannot do that. then it is better to remain silent. Instead of using foul language and hurting not only yourself, but also portraying the Ummah in a negative light.

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