One of the oldest existing manuscripts of the Quran: the Sana’a Manuscript (IMAGE)



info-pictogram1 One of the oldest existing manuscripts of the Quran: the Sana’a Manuscript. Carbon dating has determined it was written before 671, which is just 40 years after the death of the Prophet ﷺ.



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  1. Pulley bahookee

    The Yemeni scholars put them at 705-715 and they are MISSING the diacritical marks and vowels which Islamic scholars will NOT MENTION to unsuspecting Islamic prospects why!

    The Arabic writing system was still in development during the time of Muhammad, so the Qur’an was originally written without today’s diacritical marks. These were added years after the final Qur’anic revelation and Muhammad’s subsequent death. The problem with this is the addition or subtraction of diacritical marks radically alter the meaning of Arabic text, thereby alters the meaning of the Quran. Without diacritical marks and vowels a single word can have some 30 meaning because the Arabic language is very rich and a single word can have multiple meanings by adding or subtracting a tiny dot or vowel!!! This is HUGE and DAMAGING to the consistency and credibility of the manuscript evidence Islam claims for its documents!

    When the Qur’an was first reduced to writing there was no attempt to distinguish the consonants in the text which used the same symbol, nor were there any vowel points to identify the correct pronunciation of each word. Only the basic seventeen consonantal letters were used and, as we have seen, this gave rise to a number of variant readings which Uthman’s decree to standardise a single text could not obviate or suppress. Some marks were used to indicate verse endings but apart from these no other qualifying marks were used. UTHMAN made 4 copies from hand picked scholars ALL NOT FROM the four Muhammad said to use? Further Uthman then BURNED all other copies of contemporaries??? Why because the variant qurans were causing internal wars yet NO MUSLIM can show a single manuscript from this period??? The BIBLE has manuscript which were created on papyrus reeds from the FIRST century but Islam can’t produce anything before 150 after Muhammad death that is in ANY SUBSTANTIVE FORM!!!! Yet Muslims will claim their book is not corrupted? The earliest biographer is 200 yrs after Muhammad death and the Bukhari hadiths are 240 yrs later. MUHAMMAD HAD NO CONTEMPORARY AUTHRS OF HIS LIFE OR SAYING WRITING THEY ARE ALL SECOND AND THIRD GENERATION AFTER THE DEATH OF MUHAMMAD!!! This has become a HUGE PROBLEm for the Quranic scriptures


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