Ustadh Ahmad Saleem: 3 Stations Of Forgiveness In Ramadan (Video)


info-pictogram1 Alhamdulillah, Allah s.w.t. has blessed all of us to be in this blessed month of Ramadan and he has blessed you guys to be watching this video this very moment. Now in this blessed month of Ramadan, there are three stops or there are three stations that you don’t ever want to miss and subhanAllah, this is the mercy of this blessed month that Allah s.w.t has given us these three stops or stations for this blessed month.

The first station, the first stop comes where the Prophet s.a.w. said, Whosoever does qiyam, i.e. taraweeh in the month of Ramadan, Allah s.w.t inshaAllah forgive all of his previous sins.

The second station is…Whosoever fasts in the month of Ramadan with imaan and hoping the reward from Allah s.w.t., Allah s.w.t will forgive all of his previous sins.

And the third stop or station comes which is (Arabic) whosoever does qiyaam or tahajjud and taraweeh on the night of laylatul qadr, Allah s.w.t shall forgive all his previous sins.

Now subhanAllah this is an amazing opportunity for all those that have committed tons of sins in the accord of Allah s.w.t. All of us have committed sins, small sins, major sins, all the different variety of sins. But let us use this blessed month of Ramadan that where Allah s.w.t. gives us three opportunities for us to rectify ourselves with Allah s.w.t. SubhanAllah! This is an amazing opportunity for those who have been thinking of coming back to Allah s.w.t.and there is this reluctance between them you know, that being ashamed of their sins. Here is an opportunity for you, so if you are in your first station, which is Man Qaam Ramadan, if you’re doing Taraweeh, you can hope that reward of Allah s.w.t. in the month of Ramadan, that he shall forgive your sins. Now taraweeh, if we look at it from this perspective, it no longer remains a sunnah for us. Right? For all sinners. So rather than saying, Oh its just a Sunnah, let me just pray the Far, imagine this if you say to yourself, Im gonna pray taraweeh all of them in this blessed month of Ramadan hoping that at the end of it Allah s.w.t. is going to forgive all my sins. And how desperately do we all need our sins to be forgiven by Allah s.w.t. Then the second category over here is Man Saama Ramadan, every single person is going to be fasting but if we fast with imaan, with not doing anything wrong in the fast, with staying away with what we are supposed to stay away and then the reward comes in the form of… Allah s.w.t. will forgive all of their previous sins. SubhanAllah and lastly, just one night, one night we need to put ourselves in hardships and then Allah s.w.t. will forgive in reward of that one night, every single thing you and I have done in accord of Allah s.w.t..

My brothers and sisters the most important thing for us to remember, especially those that are thinking of coming back to Allah s.w.t. that remember if you have committed a sin and you do not have the audacity to go and meet your parents with that sin, i.e. tell your parents about that sin, you feel ashamed telling your parents about that sin, then Allah s.w.t. is far far greater and for us to be afraid of. Allah s.w.t.’s value should be far more greater than our parents, for indeed Allah s.w.t is much more greater than you, me and our parents combined. So have this greatness, this sanctity of Allah s.w.t in our minds and let us use this blessed month of Ramadan to rectify ourselves with Allah s.w.t..

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