Men & Women Are Different (Video)

info-pictogram1 This is your brother Abdul Wahab Saleem with The Daily Reminder.

Allah (subahaanahu wa ta’ala) says in the Quran…

Wal layli iza yaqsha Of course, every single one of has either memorized this surah or heard it numerous times…rather innumerable times in Salaah. Allah says the night as it envelopes, what does the night envelope? The night envelopes all of humanity. When the night falls everything becomes dark, when the night falls it becomes extremely dark, within the entire world so Allah says in the Quran…

Wal layli iza yaqsha

The night when it envelopes all of the world!

Then Allah continues and he says…

wan nahari iza tajalla.

And the day when it becomes bright and the interesting thing is that Allah (subahaanahu wa ta’ala) says ‘tajalla’ using the verb form tafaa’alaa which has a connotation of something occurring gradually. So if you sit in the morning time and as I was doing just this morning, you sit in the morning time and you look at the eastern horizon of the sky you will notice that the sun is coming out slowly, it will be coming out slowly and as it gradually appears…gradually the ‘nahaar’ – the morning time also appears along with the gradual progression of the sun. Wanhari iza tajalla
So these are two things, two concepts – the night and the day…if you go to the youngest of children, may be my daughter that’s about 4 years old she knows that its night time now and its day time now. Depending on the time of the day she’ll tell you It’s dark outside or its not dark outside…it’s really bright outside, the sun is in the eyes she will say.

Every single one of us, children the older, the elderly, all of us know the night from the day and for that reason Allah starts this beautiful surah with the beautiful message with the night and day because this is one difference that I know, that you know, that every single one of us knows, but then he continues to something, he knew people are going to differ about.

And he says…

wa maqalaqas zakarunsa

And I also swear…so Allah is swearing first and foremost by the night, then he swears by the day, then he swears a third, he takes a third oath and he says, ‘and also by the creation of the male and the female’

And why does he do this?

Why does he take an oath now a third time between something, two things that are opposites as well, essentially he talked about the day and the night, or the night and the day…two things that are opposites, then now he spoke about another two things both of which are also opposites. The reason for that dear brother, dear viewer, dear sister is because of the fact that we as man and woman upon this earth, men and women upon this earth…we have separate tasks.

We aim for hereafter…yes we do!

That is one goal that unites us but the tasks that we have been appointed or we have been, you know, given by Allah (subahaanahu wa ta’ala) are separate tasks. Rather the tasks that nature has given us are also different. Nature i.e. The nature that we see around us, otherwise everything is the creation of Allah (subahaanahu wa ta’ala). The tasks that we by nature have are totally different.

Al ummu madadarsutun ila madatta adaata shaaaban taibal aaraqi.

This is a time where we have to realize this message in this verse that Allah discusses the day and the night, then he talks about two other opposites…

vama qalaka zakaraunta

And then he gives the reason why he had taken this oath to begin with…

innasayukum nashaatta

‘You O man! You O woman! You have two different tasks upon this land.’ The way you are gonna strive is going to be totally different. A man is not like a woman and a woman is not like a man, they’re two different entities.

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