What happens to our bodies after drinking Coke?

Have you ever wondered what Coke actually is?


After ten minutes …
Ten teaspoons of sugar in a glass of cola cause a devastating attack on the organism . The only reason why there is no vomiting occurs , it is the phosphoric acid which inhibits the effect of the sugar .

After twenty minutes …
Is there an increase in insulin instead . The liver converts the sugar to fat .

After forty minutes …
The uptake of caffeine has been completed. Enhance the pupils of the eyes . The blood pressure is increased, because the liver more sugar drains into the blood stream. The adenosine receptors are blocked , preventing drowsiness .

After 45 minutes …
The body increases the production of the dopamine hormone , which stimulates the feeling of pleasure in the brains . This works in the same way as for heroin .

After an hour …
Phosphorus acids bind to calcium , magnesium and zinc in the gastrointestinal tract, which is the digestion overloaded. Calcium is released to a greater extent in the urine .

After more than an hour …
The diuretic effect of cola now comes into the picture . The calcium , magnesium and zinc have been removed from the organism , which are part of the bones , as well as sodium . At this moment we are irritable and retained . The amount of water in the cola has already passed in the urine .

What ‘s inside Coke?

Ask yourself whether you really know what ‘ chemical cocktail ‘ you pour down your throat . The active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid . Because of its high acidity the ” cisterns ” that this used to be equipped with special containers , which match up to the highly corrosive substance .

Let’s look at the ” anatomy ” of one of the most advertised products from Coca- Cola Co . Coca Cola Light without caffeine. This drink contains carbonated water , E150d , E952 , E951 , E338 , E330 , E211 and aromas .

Carbonated water , carbonated water or turn on gastric secretion , increases the acidity of the gastric juice and stimulates flatulence . Furthermore, it is not spring water , just filtered water .

E150d – a food dye that is gathered by means of the processing of sugar at specified temperatures, with or without the addition of chemicals. In the case of Coca Cola , use is made of ammonium sulfate.

E952 – sodium cyclamate , replacing sugar. It is a synthetic chemical substance and has a sweet taste which is two hundred times sweeter than sugar , and is used as an artificial sweetener . In 1969 it was banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) , because , like saccharin and aspartame – induced cancer in the urinary bladder of rats. In 1975 the ban was also introduced in Japan , South Korea and Singapore . In 1979, cyclamate were rehabilitated by the World Health Organization (WHO ) and were recognized as a ‘safe’ substance .

E950 – acesulfame – K ( acesulfame potassium ) , two hundred times sweeter than sugar , contains methyl ether and hampers the functioning of the cardiovascular system . Also contains aspartic acid , which may affect the nervous system and in the course of time can lead to addiction. An ” exciting ” effect Acesulfame is poorly resolved and is not recommended for use by children and pregnant women .

E951 – Aspartame is a sugar substitute for diabetics which is chemically unstable . At an elevated temperature, it is broken down in methanol and phenylalanine. Methanol is very dangerous because five to ten milliliter to a destruction of the optic nerve and can lead to irreversible blindness . In warm soda aspartame transformed into carcinogenic formaldehyde . Featured cases of aspartame poisoning : unconsciousness , headache, fatigue , dizziness , nausea , palpitations , weight gain , anxiety , memory loss , blurred vision , fainting , joint pain , depression , infertility , hearing loss , etc. Aspartame may also incite the following diseases : brain tumors , multiple sclerosis , epilepsy , Graves disease, chronic fatigue , Alzheimer’s , diabetes , dementia and tuberculosis .

E338 – phosphoric acid can cause skin and eye irritation . It is used for the production of phosphoric acid salts of ammonia , sodium, calcium , aluminum , and also in organic synthesis for the production of charcoal and film tapes, the production of refractory materials, ceramics , glass , fertilizers , synthetic detergents, drugs , metals and for the textile and oil industries . Orthophosphoric acid in the power supply is used for the production of carbonated water and for the preparation of pastries. Orthophosphoric acid interferes with the absorption of calcium and iron by the body, which may result. Weak bones and osteoporosis Other side effects include thirst , and skin rashes .

E330 – citric acid is widespread in nature and is used by the pharmaceutical and food industries . Salts of citric acid ( citrates ) are used in the food industry such as acids , preservatives, stabilizers. In the medical field it is used for the preservation of blood .

Aromas – unknown aromatic additives.

E211 – sodium benzoate is used as an antibacterial and antifungal in the production of some food products like jams , juices and fruit yogurt . It is not recommended for asthmatics and people with hypersensitivity to aspirin . A study , which was led by Peter Piper at Britain’s University of Sheffield , showed that the compound caused a remarkable DNA damage . According to Piper sodium benzoate does not destroy the DNA , but it is deactivated . This can lead to cirrhosis , and degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s.


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