Drinking too much water: risk of death

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When we talk about drinking too much people always are thinking of alcohol. But man can drink too much water. He can therefore reach a water poisoning and may die of it. But when you drink too much water? And when there arises a water poisoning by drinking too much water? Read about water intoxication and the reaction of the body to drinking too much water.

Per day, 1.5 liters of water a day is healthy
Who wants to fall off, who wants healthy skin, whose bodies would provide moisture, good to drink a day. If we believe the blades 1.5 to 2 liters of water What is forgotten is that normal eating too much moisture is present and that the many cups of tea, coffee or soft drinks also contain water. Moreover, a body may also fall within given too much water, and that then results in a water intoxication.

The qualities of water

  • You get a nicer skin
  • It helps in weight loss
  • You flush it with wastes from the body
  • It is good for bowel movements
  • It’s good for your heart

The facts about fluid intake
Every man gets a day through food and drink about 2.5 liters of fluid inside. There are about 1.5 liters of urine again , 0.1 -liter goes with the stool again and another liter leaves the body through sweat and breathing .
Besides water man also gets moisture in through milk, juice , soda, tea or coffee . It is said also agree that coffee would be. Dehydrating That is only partly true , because only someone about 20 cups of coffee drinks per day, the body excrete more . Alcohol is the culprit when it comes to dehydration . Doing so ensures that the kidneys secrete more fluid faster .
How much water a person should drink also depends on what he or she does. Someone who constantly throughout is busy , a lot of sweat and a lot of moves , may have to drink than 1.5 liters. Best more Everything depends on activity , heat , motion , salt intake and age. For example, children need . Less moisture Dehydration is with them incidentally or earlier lurking . As with older anyway . Older people have a different feeling thirsty and do not often notice that they have to drink. Also among them urinary function less well and that means that in warm weather the urine is less concentrated as in younger people . That’s so watch out in warm weather .
Moreover, is in diet also fought pretty much. Liters each day about going that way anyway to go inside .

Drinking too much water: risk of death
What far too little is said that drinking too much water can be very dangerous and can even cause . Acutely death Normal kidneys ensure that can be secreted . Per day 8 to 10 liters of fluid If someone drinks a lot more or a lot in a very short period of time the body can not take it anymore . The balance between the sodium in the blood and the water is completely out of balance . The body then becomes totally confused and bring the water to the brains . Which then swell and if nothing is done to the person in question sudden death . That can be done in all normal cases , but people who swallow ecstasy , dance all night and drink plenty of water run that much more likely . Xtc ensures that kidneys may separate out. Much less water Who then lots of dancing and the water there again exudes is less likely , but someone who drinks lots of fluids and not so busy it is , runs the risk of water intoxication . Practice, this has been also shown.

Three days without moisture means someone dies. However, there will be stages in advance. First, someone gets a headache and there is absolutely no energy. Soon after falling from all body. Moisture and thus remains crucial for a well functioning body, but that same body too much can also disable.

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