media_xll_1974473Geert Wilders attracted in recent years all over the world to warn of Islam. In its wake almost always travels one Bjorn Larsen . The Canadian businessman as a fundraiser and organizer penetrated the inner circle of Wilders , but nobody seems to know who he is . “I asked the guy off : Do you work for a foreign intelligence service ?”

He is the shadow of Geert Wilders . A background person , “as he calls himself . His clothing is unremarkable , his voice soft, his words often formalistic. In the few official documents that exist about him , he is presented as a Canadian born in Norway on May 3, 1950 . His name : Bjorn Larsen (sometimes written with ö or ø ) .


He penetrated the inner circle of Wilders is fixed. In almost every country where the PVV leader is also delves Mr. Larsen . He presents himself in other countries like the scheduler Wilders , the planner . In emails to sympathizers he calls himself representative of Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance ( a deputy Geert Wilders alliance of international freedom , ed.)

Who is the man behind the missionary Wilders in cities like Jerusalem , New York , Washington , Copenhagen , London , Toronto , Los Angeles , Philadelphia , Delray Beach , Sydney , Perth and Melbourne ?

Even people who have met him numerous times hardly know anything about the self-appointed CEO of software Lean Industries. One sees a wealthy businessman who is fighting against the advancing Islam. The other sees him as a potential scammer funds Wilders puts in his pocket . Yet another has strong suspicions that an intelligence is behind Larsen .

Wilders , according to a source who was then involved in traveling doubts about his fellow traveler ( passenger ) . The PVV leader might even have asked for an investigation into the Norwegian Canadian ( GISS would neither confirm nor deny ) . AIVD intelligence service in However, the business continues to be the shadow of Wilders – this year during a trip to Australia .

The sparse traces Bjorn Larsen leaves start in Brussels and finish in a small travel agency in Toronto.

Suddenly he is . Sometime in 2007, Bjorn Larsen comes naturally to the Belgian capital , so remember Bart Debie itself . The former right hand of the Vlaams Belang leader Filip Dewinter remove the Canadian from the airport. The guest Toronto has big plans for an international anti-Islam conference . Six months earlier Larsen has already done that on a small scale in Denmark , where he has contact with Lars Hedegaard , a controversial Danish anti-Islam writer .

Debie Larsen helps with the organization of the conference with the catchy name Counter Jihad Resistance ( the underground fight jihad ) . There are nearly eighty people from fourteen different countries . Larsen paid for everything , “recalls Debie itself . ” Tickets , accommodation , everything . He rented an entire hotel in Brussels off . “Do you know how much that costs? ” I asked him . But money was no object. I had to hire security guards and arrange kosher cooks , because there are also Jewish guests arrived . I had no confidence from the start. Which Canadian businessman is doing to Europe to do this? ” Hobby

One of the speakers at the conference organized by Larsen Beliën Paul , who was the brains behind the anti-Islam site Brussels Journal and now employee of Geert Wilders . According to Debie Beliën had from the beginning, close ties with the Canadian. “I often have to Larsen off with him. ”

The fascination for the Canadian business has remained in Debie , even though he has now turned his back on the Vlaams Belang . Debie made ​​itself known earlier this year that he worked as an informant for the State Security Service , the Belgian intelligence . “I ‘ve always thought that Larsen was working for an American intelligence in the war on terror ( war against terrorism) here the fear of Islam tried to execute . I once asked him point blank : ” You ‘re definitely not a businessman ? Do you work for an intelligence ? ‘ . He was unresponsive and just stared into space . ”

Wilders is not present at the conference in Brussels. The PVV leader is currently busy with his film Fitna , which will appear in March 2008 . Shortly after Fitna following the first meeting with Larsen , the source said that time was closely involved in the international contacts .

In the PVV are initially few questions about Larsen . The party finds like the Vlaams Belang in isolation and moreover Wilders legally lie . Fitna by under fire He is accused of inciting hatred and can use all the help from outside. Larsen goes to work with organizing international travel and fundraising .

It is the beginning of a globetrotting period . In June 2008 , Wilders and Canadian businessman making their first joint trip to Copenhagen . In September 2008, Larsen attended Wilders visit to Washington and New York . In November, he organized a trip to London . In December 2008, Larsen as Wilders to Jerusalem .

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A month later , in January 2009 , the businessman gets official status within the anti-Islam movement . He founded the International Free Press Society ( IFPS ) and will often present as a representative of that organization . Both Larsen and Beliën in the management . Geert Wilders is in accordance with the site’s advisory board , as the Arabist Hans Jansen , who says nothing to know . ” I stand for riddles . Bjorn Larsen ? Never heard of it. ”

Larsen seems mainly aimed minded people from around the world to bring together. In 2009, there are also serious overtures underway between Wilders and Dewinter . The secret meetings take place in the home of Paul Beliën Kasterlee . With the arrival of armored cars and bodyguards Wilders knows half the village of the meeting . “Something like that is quite on , ” recalls Mayor Ward Kennes itself .

The meeting in Kasterlee subsequently prove of great importance. If Wilders had made a pact with the Vlaams Belang as the CDA was later probably not have gone . PVV in the sea But to the disappointment of Dewinter breaks Wilders after two sessions of the negotiations . A year later, Wilders is tolerated as a partner of Rutte I ‘in the center of power . ”

Larsen remains closely involved in the international plans of Wilders . The CEO of Lean Industries appears regularly in The Hague. Yet the Canadian within the PVV viewed with some suspicion . Unlike in Brussels not throw Larsen in the Netherlands with money . Geert was initially traveling even pay out of pocket , ” said the source who was then involved in the trips . “Then he was looking for. Airmiles with his card on the internet tickets He thought it was long like that he could go to America . ”

Fundraising by Larsen begins to cry . Over time questions At meetings in the U.S. go envelopes with money around , but none of the PVV finally know how much is collected . If Larsen once in a while about making money , the amount is often disappointing.

“Most of it went to a deposit of about $ 5,000 , ” the source said . ” Nothing more. It was never clear what exactly motivated Larsen , but he arranged everything . The program we had ever contact him . Yet Wilders did not trust him at all . It was a very dusty man, always in the same kind of clothes , with his mustache … We knew nothing about him . I thought of a hit down- businessman. But if someone says CIA , would amaze me that even nothing. ”

Despite the doubts , the collaboration continues. It does not take long Larsen contributes to even greater Wilders plans to market it on the map. During a meeting with Wilders at the Novotel in The Hague in 2010 created the Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance ( IFA ) . The PVV leader hopes that club close to ‘ fight for freedom and against Islam . ” International coalitions

There is a logo and a website , but otherwise remains silent about the organization , though Wilders announced six months later in The Guardian that the club should be . ” Really big ” in 2011 Larsen is working on . So there is to be found in which he as a representative of the Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance minded approach in Australia . Mail back In that email he states in five other countries to be busy.

In Brussels Larsen then slowly disappeared from the radar . The businessman always communicated via Skype called Flyboy , but after the attacks of Anders Breivik in Norway, which suddenly . Informant Debie will never see him.

At that time also displays messages about the ties between Israel and the anti-Islam movement in Europe . The weekly Der Spiegel speaks of The Likud Connection. The conservative forces in Israel were parties like the PVV , Front National , Vlaams Belang and the Austrian FPÖ increasingly seen as allies , because left parties in Europe are turning to the dismay of the Likud against Israel . In one of his few substantive contributions on the Internet Larsen shows ruled over Israel . ” The survival of Israel is existential , the foundation of freedom versus slavery. ”

Larsen also appears not disappeared from the earth , as Debie in February of this year, says the Belgian newspaper De Morgen , which he for the first time are serious doubts about the ‘dark role ‘ Larsen . A few days after the appearance of the article Wilders arrives in Australia . And who is traveling with?

Bjorn Larsen .

Lean Industries, the company of Larsen , is a mystery. The phone despite multiple attempts never recorded . Emails remain unanswered , like voicemail messages . All songs of Larsen that can be found in official documents lead to the same answer .

Facebook or LinkedIn Larsen keeps unreachable . The International Free Press Society respond to requests for contact no . Someone from the anti-Islam magazine International Dispatch , where Larsen Director , responding once briefly a message on Facebook . And is never heard from again .

On closer examination shows that Lean Industries is registered on the website of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce under a different address lists : 2823 Bathurst Street. That ‘s the middle of the Jewish quarter of Toronto . The office is a tiny , two-story brick pawn . The manager is a travel agency called Tic Toc Tours. It depends on the window a large poster with the word Shalom Israel and advertising for the Israeli airline El Al ( which can be seen on the satellite images from Google Maps) . Tic Toc Tours is a travel agency without a website . If one owner Israel Reichman is given .

The woman who answers the phone , appears not very talkative .

– I ‘m looking for Bjorn Larsen . Do You Lean Industries?
Silence . “Yes.”
– Do you know Bjorn Larsen ?
– Can I talk to him ?
‘ No. ‘
– Can you get a message to Mr Bjorn Larsen ?
“No. . I can not do that. ”

Then the horn thrown on the hook. Thus the name Larsen calls more often deafening silence . Paul Beliën not respond to questions by e – mail, SMS and voice mail . Geert Wilders has no need to comment.

A few days later, take another person with Tic Toc Tours the phone. She promises asking to call back. Larsen

He does not.
Translated with Google Translate.

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