Dressed but naked anyway .

What is the meaning of the words, ” clothed yet naked” in the following tradition of the Prophet ( peace be upon him ) :
” Two groups of inhabitants of the Fire, I have not seen ( in my time ) , a people with whips , like the tails of cattle , with which they beat people . And women who are clothed yet naked . Hip Swaying and (also ) bringing others to do so . Their heads are like the humps of camels swaying . They will not enter Paradise and they will not smell its fragrance even though its fragrance , indeed , from so and smell . ” Such a distance

( Muslim)


Praise be to Allah , and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger , his family and companions .

With the words ” clothed yet naked” refers to women who wear revealing clothes nothing . The scholars said : ” ( These words refer to ) transparent clothes. The woman ( who conceals herein) is dressed but naked. The same applies to a woman who hides in a non transparent garment is short . Also they can be regarded as clothed yet naked. Another example is wearing clothing that accentuates the curves of the body of the woman. This if the word ‘ naked’ in this tradition observable nudity is meant. However, these stores nudity on the inner form, this is a reference to the women who are devout to others draw , but in the meantime carry immorality in itself . They are therefore covered on one side , but on the other side naked. ”


Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al – ‘ Uthaymeen

Fataawa al- Moehimmah , p 783

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